Beautiful Liar

15 year old Makayla has a dream..... Her dream is to be a professional singer, when she gets a chance to join Brittish Girl Group Little Mix, and she falls in love with a certain curly haired member of One Direction, will she leave her old life and start a brand new one?


2. A New Life

As I was woken up in the morning by Legh-Anne telling me to wake up because we had to leave in half an hour, I got out if bed, showered, straightened my hair and put it up in a ponytail, put on a pair of black leggings a purple top that cut off just above my belly button and only went to my elbows and a pair of combat boots, I applied some make-up and went down stairs with my suitcase, straight away when I reached the bottom of the stairs I was dragged out if the door to a car, I got in the car and we were driven to the airport when we reached the airport there was no paparazzi so we hopped on our private jet and I sat next to Perry, I started to cry a little bit, "hey hun don't cry,what the matter?" Perry asked me in a loving tone "I'm gonna miss this place that's all" I replied, perry have me a hug and told me not to worry.
You see I decided not to say bye to my family because it would be to hard, so I'm now n a flight to London to start a new life.

******************23 hours later**********************

We had finally landed at Heathrow airport in London as we got off the plane we were met by security guards and screaming fans. When we got our luggage we hopped into a black van that drove to our apartments,

I got out of the van waving goodbye to jade and jesy, and unlocked the door to harry and now mines shared flat, been in that big flat by yourself is boring, I decided I wanted to sleep so I went to our room and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

****************2 months Later*****************

I was now friends with Eleanor and Danielle, today the boys come back from tour, I was so excited to see harry again, we Werner allowed to go to the airport to see them because we might get hurt, so I was sitting at home jut thinking until I heard the door open I liked to see harry, we looked at each other and just smiled, he dropped his bags and kissed me I kissed him back, he carried me up stairs to our room and layed me down on our bed, since I was only wearing my pj's stills he took off my top and stated at my chest "didnt your mother taught you it is rude to stare??" I questioned jokingly "meh" he replied and kissed down my neck to my pj pants, he slowly pulled them Down along with my panties, he then put his head between my legs but before he could go any further I stopped him "harry I'm a virgin" I told him "babe it's ok I will go easy, but if it hurts to much I will stop" he said soothingly I nodded my head, when we were talking he took his clothes 'Jeeez he's huge' I thought to myself, I felt a warm tongue enter me I loved the feeling, before I knew it my eyes rolled back into my head and I cummed, harry licked me clean, he then got on rope if me and lined his dick up with my entrace "you ready babe?" He asked I just nodded my head in reply he slowly entered in to me it hurt a lot and a tear escaped my eye "babe am I hurting you" he asked I shooke my head to signle no, soon the pain turned into pleasure and I was telling him to go faster and harder, he did , after a while I felt him cum inside of me and tha sent me over the edge to, I cummed all over him, " oh by the way I have a surprise for you" he tells me, we get dressed and walk down stairs, I sit on the cough legs crossed facing him, he told me to close my eyes so I did, when I opened them I saw all my favourite Australian food in front of me, Vegemite, caramello koalas, Freddo frogs, tim tams and Cadbury chocolate, we sat there ad ate most of the chocolate stuff, I missed harry and I'm so happy I gave him my virginity because I love him so much, "I love you Makayla" harry says out if absolutely nowhere I kissed his soft pink lips.

By now it was late so we decided to got to sleep, best day ever.
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