Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


13. Movie


Ashleigh finally recovered, asking about Niall every 2 seconds, she is so embarrassing. Olivia came with Clara,Jess and Gabe. They kind of look confused and looked at Louis. "you were going to go to a movie with a BOY without asking me?" Louis whispered into my ear. i rolled my eyes, " he's just a friend" . "right this is Louis, my boyfriend" i said, and smiled, i said it like he did. "yeah Louis Tom-" Ashleigh said, i pulled her to the side. "what the hell?" she said. "they hate one direction!" i said to her. "and..", "and i dont want her to not like me" i said. We walked back out and they were all standing awkwardly, "so how old are you?" Gabe asked. "19" Louis said. "come on lets go we'll be late for the movie" i said to all of them, i see Emma coming over i hug her. We walk in, hardly anyone here.about 5 mins later Samm walks in, slowly followed by Jack. "hay sexay" Jack says to me, i face palm, out of all the girls he picks me to say that too, the one with a boy friend. Louis stood up, "back off" he said. jack sat down quietly and awkwardly. i laughed, Louis looked at me strange. The movie started and i jumped in one bit and Louis held my hand. 

We walked out, i was pretty disappointed because the ad made it look better than it was, but it was still okay. When jack and samm walked out to the car park Louis death stared them the whole time. "well we better go now" i said hugging Olivia. "you look really familiar?" she said to Louis. he nodded...We hopped in the car, Louis driving obviously. "i don't like that guy" he said, keeping his eyes on the road. "i know you dont!" i laughed. he punched me in the arm... We finally got home and walked in the door stepping up the flight of stairs.

"MUM WE"RE HOME!" i yelled. I see a note on the table, it read ' Hey hunny bunny, i have gone grocery shopping i'll be home about 7:30, since i have other shopping to do. Toodle ooo, Your Mother ' It was already 5:30 in the afternoon so she must've just left. I collapsed on the coach dramatically, Louis sat down too. "LOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSS can we plzzzzzzz watch Lion King! i really feel like it" i pleaded to Louis. "yeah k, But we have to have chocolate" he says laughing. "we have no chocolate in this house, we never do!" i said. "i need chocolate nowww" he said, looking in the fridge. "go to the shop then" i said pointing to the door. "okay come on lets go then" he said opening the door, it's now raining. "noooo i can't be bothered" i said lying on the coach."okay i'll pick you up then" he said coming towards me. "NOOOO!" i yelled. "go by yourself i'll wait here" i said, crossing my arms. "fine." he said closing the door, with his wallet and phone.

Okay, its been 10-15 minutes. And im bored out of my brains. I hear a knock on the door, i look out the peep hole. I gasp and run up to my room.

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