Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


10. MARK


I hear a knocking at the door, i walk down the stairs screaming "coming!" i tumbled over the stairs and did a roll. I got carpet burn on my elbows. I opened the door to see Mark. He came in and his lips touched mine, I tried to pull away but he was way stronger than me. Of course, Louis came running down the stairs at that moment. He ran out the door, slamming it. I kicked Mark which made him pull away. I opened the door to see Louis driving away. "PERFECT!" i screamed i ran up to my room, locked the door and ran my back down the door. I hear footsteps come up the stairs quite quickly. "Demi let me in!" he yelled. "no" i scream/cried. I hear mum shouting at Mark to leave the house, they argued for awhile but he left. I let my mum in and she sat next to me, putting her arm around me. I cried into her shoulder for awhile, what happened she started "I opened the door" i sniffle, "and Mark came in and kissed ME" i spreaded out the me. "i tried to pull away but he held me there, Louis saw and he looked fumed" i cried a little more. "so i guess you guys were more than friends?" she asked. "we have gone out once".


Its has been nearly two days and there's been no sign of Louis. Ive been really worried and so has the boys. We've all tried to call him, but we all got declined. I hear a knock on the door we all go over, it must be Perrie since zayn called her and she wanted to come over. I open the door to see, a sales person."hello sir" he says. "would you like some Mary kay cosmetics?" he asks. "does it look like i want cosmetics?" i asked aggravated. "but sir, what about a woman in your life?" "no thank you" i say clearly. i see Louis run past us and into his room. "LOUIS?" i shouted. "sorry but if you dont mind i have to go so-" and i shut the door. I didn't want to be rude, but those people are annoying, if i wanted it i would've said it from the start. I walk to Louis door, "ill go in" i say to everyone. The door doesn't have a lock, but if it did, it would be locked. he was lying in bed, tears rushing down his face. I sat next to him, "go away" he said weakly.

"what happened?" i said sympathetically. "will you go away?" he said. "nope". He sat up and wiped his face with his sleeve. "i went to Florida.." he said leaving a pause. that makes sense now. I gestured for him to keep going. "when i got there she was acting normal and stuff, we unpacked her room" he burped. "LOUIS!" i said. "excuse me" he said. "keep going" i said. "and when i walked down the stairs she was making out with this guy!" he yelled the last part. "she not worth you then, you deserve better" he layed down and i layed down next to him.

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