Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


3. Hmm

I looked up to see mark. He works with me at the IGA, i thought it was pretty weird that a guy was at a one direction concert but i didnt want to embarrass him. "ohh hay Dem" he said picking up my phone and walet, He was a tall muscly guy but his personality was a big teddy bear, hes 15 yrs old and has blonde curly hair and average tan skin. "Hey Mark, what you doing here." i had to say it. he blushed and said "picking up my sister" his little sister lola came running up and said she was ready to go. Me and lola have hung out together a few times. She ran over and gave me a hug. she had curly blonde hair too that went down to her lower back. "bye"lola said as she ran off. Mark just gave me a quick wave and walked away. I then brushed my shoulder against someone else, that made them drop their things. Im so clumsy. "sorry" i said.

"Thats okay" the man/guy said. I looked up to see Louis Tomlinson! 'omg stay cool Demi, Stay cool' i said in my head. "sooooo... What did you do today?" i said very lamely. "ohh ya know normal stuff" he replied, looking a bit awkward but wasnt showing any signs of walking away. "same, but i had to go to school" i said. "hay are you doing anything on saturday?" he said looking a bit nervous. "not that i can think of.." i replied. "because you know we could have coffee at starbucks at Hyde park at 11?" he said. "is that a date?" i said twirling my hair. "nah its just you know, a talk" he said not making much sense. "fine..." i said. 

"come on missy, were going now!" dad said grabbing my arm, Dad gave a protective look at Louis but kept walking... "dad!" i yelled with annoyance. I slipped my phone into Louis' pocket so he'd know my number for next time. We drove home it was silent until dad said "do you think im being cruel by not letting my 14 yr old out alone at 11 o'clock at night!" he yelled. I felt like being a smartass, so i said "yes..." silently but enough for him to hear. My dad is against hitting children and grounding them so i was safe. "your going to dinner with no supper" dad said. i hadnt eaten from 9 o'clock this morning so it hurt. I just made a 'grumble' noise. I walked up to my bedroom, i fell over a stair and hit my face on the stair making my nose bleed and ache. I cried and ran to my room. About an hour later mum walked in with 2 sandwhiches. "what you did wasnt right but i saw you had no lunch today and.... Oh my god demi what did you do to your face!.." she said."i tripped on the stairs...thanks mum" i said taking the sandwhich and  hugging her tight. "but dont you dare tell your dad, hes very old fashioned and does the tough love approach." she smiled and walked out. she peeped her head through the door and said "do you need any ice?". "im good mum" i gobbled up my sandwhiches.  

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