Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


12. Friends


~1 week later~


I will explain to you a bit of my interesting week without Louis.. It started with my first day of my new high school, Crentchore Hights,  i walked around the school pretty shy, i guess, until i finally found my first friend, Olivia, we met at lunch when she introduced herself, shes a skinny dirty blonde haired girl slicked back to a long ponytail. She was nice until we got onto the topic of one direction.. She hates them, like legit hates them, from then on it was awkward... She showed me to some of her friends all 14, Ashleigh, model looking, brown haired gorgeous girl, so nice, Clara is Chinese , skinny, black thick hair, Jessica, short, long brown hair chocolate brown eyes, Emma, so skinny, black hair and very fair skin, Gabe, shortie he has like quiff/wave hairstyle, Samm pretty tan skin colour, with similar hair to Gabe, Jack a bit weird/ creepy. They said i could sit with them. I sit down, and talk about my past, i of course leave out the dad bit, then of course we get on the 1D subject again. Ashleigh admitted her love for Niall, she got out her iPod touch and her back round was Niall, she blushed, everyone else was dead against them.

Me and the guys organised to go to the movies tonight, Louis is coming tomorrow, i run to my room, so excited, we are seeing Beautiful Creatures. I walk to my bathroom, putting on some make up. I walk to my cupboard, i pick out my new rainbow shorts from ally and a black singlet with american vans. I feel someone grab my waist so i scream. It was Louis, "hay beautiful" he said. I hugged him and said "Louis! what are you doing here?". "we didn't have to do a show tonight so i decided to come early". how sweet. "aww" i said, kissing his cheek. "do you want to come to dinner tonight?" he asked so charming. "sorry, i cant, i promised to go to the movies tonight with my friends" he gave me the puppy dog eyes. "can i come?" he said. there was a long pause. "ok..." i said, leaving the k go a while. what's gonna happen? "well, lets go then" he says, picking me up and walking down the stairs. "LET ME DOWN!" i say laughing so loud. we get into his rent land cruiser.

We get there and i hope they don't recognise him. Ashleigh comes and falls to the ground, i run over, "are you okay?" I say lifting her head. "Did u just see Louis Tomlinson or am i seeing things." she said, squinting. "ohh right this is Louis" i say laughing a little, her eyes go wide eyed. "her boyfriend" he finished, i looked at him like was-that-necessary he shakes his head and laughs. She yelps almost then sits up,  "do you know Niall?" she says to Lou .Did she get concussion?. "yes" Louis said and laughed. she was about to fall, but i caught her, "a fan?" he asks. "nooo" i say sarcastically.

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