Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


8. Confusion and Anger?



I was staring at my phone for at least 2 hours. Harry walked in and said, "you hungry?.." he paused and walked away, i think he was weirded out. About 20 minutes later a call came through my phone i answered on the first ring. "HELLO" i yelled excited but worried. "hi hunny, this is your mother" she paused i didnt say anything. "the one that gave birth to you, HELLO" she yelled on the other line. "ohh right sorry mum, what were you saying". i said getting out of my day dreams. "how are things over there?" she askes, being nosey. "good, i guess, the show last night was really good." i said a little low. "you okay darling?" she said. "you've probably already heard that i went out with a girl yesterday?", "mhmm, but i was a bit sad i didn't hear it from you." i told her all about Demi and all that.


I walked out of the louis' room a little confused. I walked to the kitchen, and put my keys on the bench. "what's up?" Zayn said putting his fingers through his hair. "Louis looking a little funny" i said. "how so?" he asked. "i walked in to ask him if he wanted any food and he just sat and looked at his phone." zayn shrugged his shoulders and walked into Louis room.


Harry was stressing about Louis so i thought i would go check on him. I opened the door a little, and heard him say "bye mum" so i walked in. "hey" i said. "hey" he replied. He was acting weird. "whats up?" i ask. "nothing" he said. "Louis i know somethings wrong because your not your enthusiastic self." i said. "okay" i sat down. he told me that he was waiting for Demi's call cause she randomly moved to Florida, WTF? the phone rang, and i slowly walked out the door. 


I sat down looking down at my phone, what am i gonna say, sorry my dad went pysco? i finally picked up my phone and dialled Louis number.One ring and bam! "HELLO.. i mean hello." i laughed. "DEMI! is that you!", "yep that's me" i laughed. "care to explain?" he said, i told him the whole story, I could imagine his face going bright red. he hang up. What?


Zayn told me the whole story of what happened, and i understand now. I see Louis run down the stairs and out the door i ran after him, i pulled one of his shoulder he looked really angry..


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