Sexual story about Zayn and Harry and their girlfriends.


2. Katie

Walking down the street, I could feel the sun reflect of my skin. It was just like any other Saturday morning to me, walking to Harry's house for lunch with his family. I arrived at Harry's house, walked to the door and just as I was about to knock, he answered the door, naked. I was in total shock but I was not complaining at all.

"Hello babe." He winked at me

"Good morning, I don't mean to be blunt but why are you naked?"

"Cause baby, I'm going to show you the time of your life."

He lifted me up and carried me up the stairs,

"Are your parents not home? Will they not kill us?" I asked

"No, they went out and I decided not to tell you so I could surprise you"

We got to the bedroom and he threw me onto the bed, I didn't even get a chance to say anything he was already kissing me, he started to move down my neck and down my chest whilst taking me clothes off on his way down. He was playing and massaging with my boobs and I could see his penis had got really hard. He put his hands down to my pussy and stroked on my clit, 

"Do you like that baby?" he asked whilst licking his lips.


It was just so intense I couldn't finish my sentence. He then moved his head down and starting eating me out, he's did this many times before but never like this, it was so electrifying.

I was just about to go down on him until he threw me around so my ass was facing him. 

"No Katie, I'm showing YOU a good time." He scowled 

I kept quiet. He slapped my ass and brought me up into doggy position. I was craving his dick inside me so bad, he teased me by putting the tip in to start off with, I just wanted more.

"MORE!" I screamed.

He slapped my ass and told me to be quiet, he stuck his dick deep inside of me and it was breathtaking. As he thrusted into me he held onto my hips and kept pulling me back and forth. I came, I could never hold it in long enough for him, he loved it though because he'd always make me cum twice in one session.

"I'm gonna cum baby." He said.

He was always scared to cum inside of me so he always finished off all over my face and chest. He got out of me and pushed me down onto the bed,

"You ready?" He bit his lip.

Next thing I know his warm cum is all over my face and chest, I licked it off from around my lips, 

"Tasty baby."

We were both lying down feeling great because we just had the best sex of our lives, he started kissing me all over the face.

"You're so wonderful I'm glad you're mine." He said.

"My parents are going to be out later if you want to come round, it's my turn to please you."

Then we heard a bang at the door and got dressed, he kissed me all over and held me tight and said 

"I can't wait." 

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