A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


13. My tears would fill an ocean for you

2 weeks have past and I haven't been to the hospital once, not once. Yes I know that's terrible but I can't bare to see my family like that not in the state that they are in. Harry has been asking everyday if I wanted to go and see them, I would just answer with "Not now" or "Not today" he was extremely supportive of me and never did anything that would upset me. He has even been cooking dinner for the past 5 days because I have either forgot or couldn't make my self get out of bed to cook. My life in the past 2 weeks has been like a roller coaster ride except without the fun bit just the scary bit. I've seen a change in Harry's mood to, he doesn't seem himself he just seems down all the time and its because of me, I know it. Im just to scared to ask but im sure it is, I mean all I have caused him is pain and sadness, because he is only happy if I am. It hurts me to see him like that, my best friend and boyfriend like that, that's why I have decided to change.

"Harry?" I asked walking out of the bedroom in nothing but undies and a singlet with my fluffy slippers, I looked a mess. No hair done, no clean body because I haven't had a shower since yesterday morning because Harry forced me to.

"Babe?" He said with a gentle tone, He looked away from his phone and up at me.

"I want to go and see them" Is all I said before going dizzy and having to lean against the kitchen bench.

"Woah hold it there missy your not going anywhere until you get cleaned up and feeling better again" He quickly ran to my side while talking to me and lifted me up bridal style and walked me to the bathroom sat me down on the side of the bath and begun to run it adding some bubble soap.

"Harry, I don't need a bath" I tried to lie to him because I really couldn't be bothered having one I would rather go in my fluffy slippers and throw on some sweat pants, but no I had to look nice for my family to show that I wasn't a huge emotional wreck although they might not be awake I still had to look nice.

"Cora, you do need to look nice as well as smell nice ok?" He said pulling off my slippers so my toes hit the cold hard tiles beneath me, I shivered.

"Mmhm" Is all I said I really didn't care that he was undressing me and helping me into the bath, and quite frankly he didn't either he just wanted to see me well again, he has seen everything before so what's the big deal?

"He started singing to me while washing my legs while I was washing my arms and chest, I was glad he forced me to have a bubble bath I forgot how relaxing they were. He left me to wash the rest of me after he done my back and went to find some clothes for me to wear. He came back with a pair of grey sweat pants and one of his hoodies, my favourite actually, and it smells amazing! It was his Jack Willis one, I used to wear it years ago and when ever we saw each other he always brung it for me because I loved it so much. I haven't worn it since he got here after the tour ended I thought he might have forgotten about it.

" Are you ready to get out and get dressed?" He asked sitting on the edge of the bath with the clothes on his lap.

I didn't answer I just sat up from leaning back and looked at him with a warm smile and a nodded.

"Ok, here's your towel, you can dry your self" He sat the clothes down and left the room. I could still hear him just outside the door, I knew he wasn't going to leave there until I came out fully clothed and ready to go.

It took me about 10 mins to get ready because I was to tired to hurry I brushed my hair and cleaned my teeth then rewashed my face just to try and wake me up a little more. I opened the bathroom door and poked Harry in the ribs with caused him to jump a little in shock, He was ticklish and he knew it but he tried to hide it.

We soon found a park near the entrance to the hospital his Range Rover looked massive when it was parked next to a blue mini and a cheap looking convertible.

We walked in and went over to the receptionist and asked what room Lori and Marco Casstell were in.

"Hi can I help you?" She said with an overly sweet voice, almost a snobby tone.

"Erm yes, Hello were looking for which room Lori and Marco Casstell are in?" Harry said leaning down onto the counter so he could almost peek a look at the lady's computer screen.

"Hold on one minute please" She gave me a quick glance of disgust and looked back at the screen in front of her.

"They are in room 61 on B wing, the Emergency centre" she said still with the almost snobby tone, gave Harry the biggest most gorgeous smile she could give him and gave me another dirty look. Harry saw and quickly turned back around to face her gave her the signal to come closer to him, she stood up and leant over the counter as well. He whispered something to her I couldn't hear but I knew it wasn't good when her ear to ear smile faded and was replaced with a frown.

Harry stepped away from her and walked away from her with his arm slung over my shoulder. He didn't look back.

"What did you say to her?" I asked wrapping my right arm around his back.

"To stop with the petty attempt to my attention and to stop giving you dirty looks" He said kissing my hair just before we turned a corner on the right.

"You didn't need to do that I didn't mind" I told him with delight in my voice, I was happy he suck up for me so much, It made me feel loved.

"But I did, it bothers me that people give you dirty looks or ignore you when your with me just because im in the biggest boy band in the world doesn't give them permission to treat you any differently to when they used to before I became famous. Its just wrong.

I didn't say anything else, I simply smiled to myself and wrapped my arm around his waist a little harder so I was even closer to him.

After a few minutes we came across a sign hanging from the roof that said B wing.

"B wing, finally found it" Harry happily stated the obvious. We continued to walk.

We went through quite a few corridors before we came across one that started with 55 and ended at 65.

"Harry I reckon their room is down here" I suggested while tugging him with me towards the left and down the hall.

"You gon be ok?" He asked with a soft rub up and down the shoulder to try and comfort me.

"Yeah ill be ok, Im ready for this" I breathed out and stopped walking facing the door with the sign ROOM 61 on it.

I opened the door and slowly walked in, It was almost dead silent no radio or TV going, you couldn't hear any birds chirping outside the window not even the sound of breathing the only thing you could hear was the occasional beep of machines surrounding four different people.

I turned to face a bed on the right of me with a women in it, she had cords going to her hand to her chest to her nose, mouth. She had a leg in a cast from ankle right up to her thigh she had a lot of her hair shaven off due to head injuries that the doctors needed to do surgery on, she had bruising almost completely covering her now very tiny frame, the only thing recognisable was her tattoo on her right ring finger on the side that said C&M with a butterfly on the side with the C and a dragon on the other for M, meaning Cora and Marco. I instantly teared up and Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulders while I lent my head on his bicep. I knew this women. It was mum.




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