A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


1. Graduation

As I walk up to the stage to collect my graduation scroll all I can think about is how my best friend, Harry, And how he's not here to see me graduate from high school, Although I know he isn't here for a good reason because he is on tour with his band One Direction and I just cant get the thought out of my head, As I walk up the few stairs to my principle I can hear clapping and cheering from everyone in the room, And my mum and brother screaming my name as any proud family would do. I shake the hand of my principle, Collect my scroll and go and stand with all the other students that have their scrolls so far. Some of the other students were reading their scrolls so I decided to do the same it read.

Dear Cora Casstell,

 Congratulations on graduating high school at Mountain Heights High School.

We are proud to tell you that you have done the best that anyone can in four years and hope you do well in the future and beyond.


Principle- Mr George Walsh     Core Teacher- Mrs Samantha Clarke


Wow I didn't think I had done very well but then I just guessed that everyone got this written in their scroll as well.

After about 6 minutes I heard Mr Walsh call out my best friends name Ezra Moon she stood up and begun to walk towards me and the stage.

We both looked at each other and smiled a goofy smile but we didn't care we were both happy she was handed her scroll shook Mr Walsh's hand and came and stood in line trying to get as close to me as possible I think she got about 3 people away, I saw out of the corner of my left eye that she was unrolling her scroll I couldn't help but watch and look at what it said when she fully opened it I saw that it said the same thing as mine apart from the name and core teacher.

It was soon the end of the graduation now we all had to move from the hall to the gym where some staff and some of the parents had laid out some food and drinks for everyone I arrived with my brother Marco, He was quite tall and he had dirty brown hair with deep blue eyes and my mother Lori she was average height with straight black hair in a bob haircut and hazel eyes like me, I had the hazel eyes the long light brown wavy hair average height and I was slim.

Anyway when we got to the gym my mum said to me that she was going to go talk to a few people and Marco decided to follow her so I was left by my self for about 5 minutes before Ezra came up behind me and went boo! Ok I admit it I jumped and yelped and gave her satisfaction of being able to scare me quite easily, I turned around and gave her a hug. After that we got talking about all the cute boys that we probably wont see for ages and all the bitches that we will be happy to leave behind and all the normal stuff that any 16 year old girls would talk about. After we finished our little gossip talk we went and found our parents and said that we're going to go back to Ezra's house for the night and was asking if it was ok, It was. Awesome!.



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