A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


2. Ezra's House

"Arrgh Ezra why do you have to have so many stairs to your bedroom?"

"I'm sorry Cora, I'm not the one that build this house or decided to buy it my parents did so don't blame me"

"I'm not,But could you at least upgrade and get an elevator or something?"

"Ha yeah that would be fun"

"Yep so... Where do you want me to put my bag?"

"Oh just on the bed we can move it later if we need to"

"Okey dokey so what ya wanna do first Ezra?"

"Um well not sure yet but I know that your dying to ring Harry and talk to him seems so you haven't today, Am I right?"

"Oh crap yes you are and I totally forgot about not ringing him yet"

So I decided to go to my bag and get out my mobile phone and dial Harrys number it rang a few times and eventually I heard his deep husky voice answer the phone with a simple Hello

"Hey Harry!"

"Oh hey Cora what's up?"

"Nothing at the moment im just at Ezra's house"

"Cool and about today im sorry I couldn't make it I would have loved to have been there but with the band and its all a little harder now to get to events, Like your graduation anyway has was the graduation?"

"Oh ya know it was.. great I guess all we did was walk up onto stage collect a scroll and go and stand in a line"

"Ok I know that tone of your voice it wasn't fun at all was it?"

"No not at all totally boring anyway lets change subject when are you coming home?!"

"Well good news and bad news which do you wanna hear first?"

"Um.... the bad?"

"Ok well we have a new tour coming up late next year so I will have to leave for that and the good news is that im coming home in about 4 days"

"Really?! OMG! that's great! well I better let you go and do what ever you have to do and say hi to the boys for me will you?"

"Ok and thanks for ringing and I will tell them bye"

"Bye Harry"

After I had ended the call I looked up to see Ezra staring at me with a funny look I couldn't help it but I had to giggle at it.

"Ezra what's with you face?"

"My face what about yours?!"

"What about mine?"

"OMG you really didn't notice did you?!"

"No now can you please just tell me"

"Ok well the whole time you was talking to Harry you was smiling like a idiot, You just couldn't wipe the smile of your face"

"...Um.... ok but that doesn't mean anything"

"Yeah it does you totally love him!"

"What? No I don't"

"Yes you do I can tell"

"No you cant. Anyway lets go for a walk to the shop to get some food for tonight?"

"(Sighs) Ok"

As we walk to the shop we walk almost in silence apart from the birds and cars driving by every few minutes or so, We eventually talked but we was at the shop deciding on what to get we was around in the chips and lolly isle when I heard the shops TV buzz on and the lady behind the counter was watching it so intensely I was wondering what she was watching so I went over to see while Ezra was trying to choose between a big packed of chips or three bags or lolly's which would be the same price either way she went anyway I was watching the TV when I heard some familiar voices quite but familiar come on it was Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, Basically One Direction and they were on the 6:00 news and from what it looked like they were telling us about their new 2015 Australia tour.

"Hey Ezra come look at this"

"Really I was about to choose but ok"

"Look harry and the boys are telling the world about their new tour"

"But didn't harry tell you today over the phone?"

"Yep so that means that they were only allowed to tell a few people which were probably the closest family and friends"

"Oooh your special Cora"

"Shut up Ezra"

"Ha im gonna tease you all about it when we get home"

"What? No way now lets get back to our food please?"

"Sure why not"

After what seemed like forever Ezra finally chose something and a drink and we were outta there we got back to her house and her parents were there to greet us her mother Abigail and the father Joshua but most of his mates call him Josh her mother was a tall slim lady with aqua blue eyes and shoulder length straight blonde hair and braces, Her father is a tall man that's bald has a moustache has a pretty good body build strength wise and behind his glasses he has piercing green eyes unlike his daughter she looks a lot like her mother with the aqua blue eyes and blonde hair but hers is really curly the total opposite of her mothers she is also slim and has two little dimples when she smiles.

Later that night we was up late and trying to prank call almost ever number we could think of. After about an hour of that we sat on the couch and watched a few movies with our food and drinks and when we got really tired we told spooky stories to each other to try and keep us awake but it didn't work for very long we both fall asleep within half an hour.




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