A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


8. A visit to a friend

"What did Louis call for?" I asked with a slight frown showing

"He has asked us over, he is having a party by the sounds of things"

Oh a party, great, I hate parties I've never liked them much even when I went to friends birthdays when I was younger.

"Are we going to go?" I asked him still with the frown on my forehead

"Well, only if you want to, I understand if you don't" he said while smiling at me with his gorgeous smile of his

"Yeah I want to, when it is and do we have to take anything?"

He laughed a little, and stood up and walked into my bedroom, which we have both been sleeping in lately. I was still on the couch a little confused when he just got up and left

"Cora, are you coming?!" He yelled from the bedroom, oh right I needed to follow, whoops

"Coming Harry!" I ran to the bedroom and saw him looking through the wardrobe, I had no clue what he was looking for, eventually he found a bag and put it on the bed

"He is having a pool party, so we need to take some bathers and stuff" He didn't look up at me he had started to look through the wardrobe again.

"What are you looking for Harry?" I giggled a little because everything he didn't need he simply threw on to the floor, and I don't think he had any intentions of picking them up.

"Bathers" He mumbled

"Harry they are on the bottom shelf next to my pyjamas" I showed him and grabbed a pair, basic black halter neck bikini with tie up sides on the pants, perfect, didn't show off too much or too less. Thing was that they weren't perfect to Harry

"Cora, you cant wear that" He said giving me eye contact this time. I was actually shocked that he had said that.

"And why not?" I could hear the frustration in my voice I was just hoping that Harry couldn't hear it as well.

"Because you don't need that one anymore, I went and brought you a new one just before we came back from tour. I've actually been needing an excuse to give it to you so you can wear it and this seemed like a good one, see Louis said about a week before we flew back here that he wanted to throw a party at his new house, because its got a pool and everything! I just think he wanted to show off his home though" He finished that sentence with a loud sigh.

"Oh" Was all I could say.

"Do you want to see it and then tell me what you think?" He asked stepping a little closer than before

"Sure, go and get it"

"Alright" He quickly left my room and ran down the hallway, after like a minute he returned with an orange bag in hand and a smile from ear to ear planted on his face. He gave me the bag and we went and sat on the bed, I turned the bag upside down so the contents would fall out.

"Do you like it?" His voice showed eagerness, I could tell he was inpatient to see my facial expression. I knew I would love it, Harry has good taste in women's clothes, oddly enough.

"Hang on Harry I haven't even picked them up yet!" I laughed at him, he was like a child waiting for their mother to open a bag of lollies or a new toy for them.

When I opened them my eyes instantly lit up, they were ocean blue my favourite colour, tied up pant sides and a strapless top. Gorgeous.

~ 10 Minutes Later ~

"Have you got everything Harry?!" I yelled form the front seat, he was loading everything into the boot of his sleek black range rover. He didn't answer until he was in the seat beside me looking at me with his stunning green eyes.

"Yes Cora I have everything, I think I should be good at packing stuff, Im in a band and travel a lot, I think I got this down pat"

"Alright then if you say so" I laughed and stared out the window, when a thought popped into my head

"Harry" I said still looking out the window

"Yes?" He took a quick glance at me but then his eyes went back to the road.

"What are we going to tell people?" This time I turned my head so I was looking at the side of his face. He had a slight frown appearing, and I could tell he hadn't thought of this.

"Um, we tell them the truth?" He said with a little worry in his voice

"What is the truth? Were just best friends who act like a couple?"

"No we say were dating, were in a relationship" He glanced at me again but this time a little longer, his frown had disappeared and was replaced with a warm smile.

"But Harry, didn't we decide we wasn't dating?"

"Well I've changed my mind, have you?" It took me a few seconds to reply I was to busy staring at him with a huge grin on my face.

"I take that smile as a yes?"

"Of coarse" I leaned over and gave him a small peak on the cheek before sitting back down in my seat and pulling out my phone. Hmm I might message Ezra, I haven't talked to her for a while.

To: Ezra da babe

Heyy :D, sorry haven't talked to u 4 a while been caught up doing sum stuff, wanna catch up in the next few days? mum and marco out of town its just me and harry.


I looked at her ID name and laughed to my self, I haven't got around to changing it since she changed it a few months back. I put my phone away when I looked up we was just pulling into a mansion looking thing! It was huge, a royal family could live here it was that big. it kinda reminded me of the mansion out of the movie George and the jungle 2.

We got out and got our bags from the boot and walked up to the house, we didn't say a word we was to star struck to say anything. Once we got to the door I broke the silence.

"Are you sure were at the right place?" I said still staring at the door.

"Erm, I think so, well I hope so, He told me it was on Lance Avenue the one on the left with the big white iron gate at the front so this should be it"

"Well why do-" I was cut off because the door had opened, without either of us knocking. And there stood Louis with a pair of swimming shorts on and a glass of water in his hand.

"Hey guys, why are you standing outside?" He said looking at Harrys with a goofy grin.

"Erm well we wasn't sure if it was the right place or not" He seemed embarrassed because he went a little red and scratched the back of his neck, which he does when he either gets nervous or embarrassed.

"Well it is, so come on in!" Louis gestured for us to come inside, Harry went in first then me while Louis shut the door for us.

"So do you like it?" He whispered to me while walking past into the lounge that was in front of us and re-joining the group that was covering most of the couches or stools.

"Yes I love it, how can you afford such things?" I said, now standing a few metres away from where he was sitting.

"Cora, im in a band, I do get paid quite a lot" He laughed a little which made a few other people that I didn't recognise laugh as well, it made me a little uncomfortable and embarrassed. This is why I don't like parties, I told Harry who was standing next to me.

"Babe, it will be fine"

It was eventually, After Louis had came over grabbed my hand and led me to about 5 different groups of people he wanted me to meet, I talked to them for about 10 minutes each, then Harry came over and told me a few of us were going out back to the deck and pool. He was one of them so I wanted to follow him.

We get outside and it was like a resort beach layout but with grass instead of sand. It was really quite beautiful. And the pool had a cover over it so it stopped some of the sun light in.

We walked over to some seats and Harry took his shirt off, along with a few other guys. I waited a little bit before I took my shorts and singlet top off.

"Cora, are you coming in?" Harry eventually asked me

"Oh um yeah sure" I was a little self conscious about my body, I always have been, I was never the girl with the best body that had the tan, thigh gap, perfect skin and completely flat stomach to show off. To say, I had an average body, a normal body.

I slowly took my singlet off the show the strapless bikini top and then slip my shorts off and put them in the bag I had brung out here with me. then I walked over to Harry who was waiting for me at the ladder.

"You look beautiful in that" He whispered into my ear after giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, it made me smile a bit.

After we had been just chilling in the pool I could feel Harrys hand on my waist, he was talking to some guy I didn't know, and he acted like he wasn't doing anything. I just giggled to my self so he couldn't hear me. His hand didn't move anywhere from my waist, which was good, it would be humiliating if anyone caught us doing something we shouldn't be.

It soon got into the late afternoon and most people had left, there was really only me, Harry, Louis and about 5 other people. Me and Harry were still in the pool, just talking, not really swimming though. Everyone else had gotten out and Louis was showing people out so we was alone..

Harry decided to stand in front of me with his hands on my waist pulling me in closer.

"Harrys what are you doing? We cant do anything in Louis pool!" I was beginning to freak out a little, although im not sure why he was only standing in front of me after all.

"Cora, calm down I wasn't going to do anything"

"Good cau- Wait you said wasn't, not im not going to do anything" He just smiled at me and leaned down a little until our lips were brushing against each other, not enough to call it a kiss though.

"Well im going to do something now aren't I" He mumbled.

I didn't bother replying to him I simply moved my hands to his neck and pulled him in for a proper kiss. It eventually turned into a short make-out session, Thankfully no one caught us. I decide it would be funny to push him under the water so I stopped the make-out sesh and pushed him off the underwater ledge we was standing on he went under and then back up he wiped the water form his eyes and looked me in the eyes.

"Pay backs a bitch ya know" He said while trying to walk through the water towards me. I begun to laugh an tried to run away, but because we was in a pool there wasn't really anywhere we could go unless we got out but I didn't want to do that, it would be freezing! considering the pool is heated.

He was about to grab me when Louis came out and said that he was beginning to pack up, so in other words it was time for us to leave. Which was good for me cause Harrys didn't get his revenge.

We got out and grabbed our towels wrapped them around us and headed towards our bags we packed out stuff up and put our clothes back on after we was almost dry. Then we left shortly after, saying goodbye and helping Louis a little to clean up. We got back to my house around 5pm and I couldn't be bothered cooking so we just got take away. Thai.

Harry didn't try to get me back from what I done in the pool earlier but that doesn't mean he isn't planning something or going to forget about it.


Heyy guys, im attempting to put the website of a picture that is similar to Louis back yard on here so if it is the wrong website or something is wrong please leave a comment about it :) Thanks tata xx




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