A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


12. A turn for the worst


~There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,

Things we don't want to know but have to learn,

And people we can't live without but have to let go~



3 days until mum and Marco come home, me and Harry have decided to tell everyone about our relationship, mine and his family are really happy for us, his fans are supportive most of the time, the people who aren't happy for us are either the ex's or the overly jealous fans. I don't mind though it doesn't bother me.

"Hey Harry can you come here please" I yelled from the bathroom, I had just had a shower and noticed that Harry has ran out of his shampoo. Where ever he goes he always takes his own shampoo and conditioner just so he doesn't have to use other peoples.

"What is it babe?" He asked while pulling his shirt over his head, god he looked wonderful without a shirt on.

"When was you going to tell me you had ran out of shampoo?" I said turning around with the empty bottle in one hand and the other hand on my waist.

"Uhh... well I was going to but I sorta forgot.... Sorry" He said.

"Oh right sure, well c'mon then lets go shopping for some more, Shall we?" I said with an overly cheery voice I put the bottle down and skipped over to Harry looped my arm through his and pulled him with me towards the door, I quickly grabbed my phone and purse and headed out onto the street where Harrys Range Rover was parked.

"Do I have to come with?" He asked sighing while getting in to the drivers seat while I got into the passengers seat.

"Yes you do, just for fun, then once we got your new shampoo lets go to a park for a walk?" I said as I was putting on my seat belt.

"Yeah sure, that actually sounds nice, I mean it is a nice day" He said starting the car and beginning to drive off.

We had got to the first traffic lights when I got a text from mum.

~Text from Mumma bear~

Hi sweetie just wanted to check up on you two! And just wanted to let you know that me and Marco are going to drive to a small lake not far from where we are at the moment, I hear its got snow down there so we wanted to take a look, Lots of love Mummy xxxx

To: Mumma bear

Hi Mum were doing fine just like I said we would :D That's great be carful though snow can be slippery bring us back an ice sculpture would you? lol love ya too xxxx


We got to the supermarket and pulled into a park, jumped out and headed for the shop.

once inside we walked over to where al the baskets were and I grabbed one.

"Babe, do we really need a basket? Were only her for shampoo aren't we?" Harry asked while following me to the freezer section.

"I need a few things for later on in the week, plus mum called yesterday while you was out visiting the boys she wanted me to get a couple of things because she wants to cook us a roast with everyone here, including your family" I said grabbing a carton of milk and chocolate milk for Harry.

"Oh right" He said awkwardly.

We didn't say much else, until we got to the hair and beauty section where we was discussing which shampoo to get because they had run out temporarily of his normal one so he had to choose a different one. He was about to pick one out when my phone rang I got it out and looked at the number. Unknown.

I picked it up and I could hear a deep mans voice on the other side.


Hi is this miss Cora Casstell im speaking to?"

"Yes it is, may I ask who is speaking?" At this point Harry had turned around to face me and gave me a funny look as if to say who's that?

"Miss Casstell this is Sargent Peters, I am a police officer, I think you should come down to the station I have some news for you."

"What kind of news Sir?" I said, I knew I had a vey worried expression on my face because Harry had come over to me and started to rub my back. He knew something wasn't right an so did I.

"There has been a car accident and we believe the two passengers to be your relatives" He said he didn't seem sad about it nor good. His voice didn't show any signs of at least some good news so I was beginning to freak out. I didn't say anything further I hung up the phone, dropped the basket of items and started running towards the exit. I didn't stop to tell anything to Harry in fact I had forgot about him and just ran, I couldn't go anywhere without him though because he had the keys to the Rover.

By the time I had got to the car tears were forming in my eyes and I started to pull at the car handle to get it to open, I didn't care if it was locked I just wanted to get to the station asap! Harry soon caught up and saw me pulling as hard as I could at the door with tears now falling from my eyes.

"Cora, hang on let me unlock it first" I he said while slowly pulling me away from the car. I didn't say anything the whole car ride down town I simply stared out the window occasionally giving a few sniffs or wiping a tear or two away from my cheeks. Harry kept glancing over at me making sure I was ok.

Once we was in the station a black, tall bulky guy walked over to us asking who we were.

"Im Harry Styles and this is Cora Casstell Sir." He knew I wouldn't want to talk to he introduced us to him for me.

"Ah miss Casstell, please come this way" The guy seemed really nice and caring considering he looked as if he could take down a bull dozer.

"Please sit down Miss, I think you might want these" And he handed me a box of tissues Harry took them and sat them on his lap and put an arm around the back of my chair. I just looked up to the man with still teary eyes.

"Miss Casstell I-" I cut him off though.

"Please call me Cora, people call my mother miss Casstell.

"Alright, Cora, this is about a car accident over towards a small lake a couple of hours away. There was a women and a young man inside." He paused just so I could let that part sink in.

"They were taken away in an ambulance with serious injury's, The young man is in a coma and the women is fighting for her life. Can you please look at these two pictures taken and see if you recognise the two people." He slid one photo over with two pictures on it one of a women badly beaten up and a young man who had cuts all over his face and blood running from 3 different places, I could still tell it was mum and Marco. And once I knew tears started to fall again but this time I didn't bother to wipe them away Harry pulled a tissue and wiped them himself.

"Cora?" I heard a soft voice say I looked up only to see the officer and Harry staring at me.

"Babe, you haven't said anything for several minutes" Harry said while rubbing my back.

"Oh, um, Yes its them" I said looking at the officer.

"Ok well they are at the hospital but im sure you can go and see them, in the mean time we are investigating the accident.

"Investigating Sir?" I said with a few sniffles.

"Like what caused the accident"

"Oh alright then, may we go now?" I said in a low voice but still loud enough for him to hear.

"Of coarse" He said with a smile he shook Harrys hand and we left.

After we got back into the car Harry turned to me.

"Cora, do you want to go to the hospital?" He asked while putting some hair that had fallen from my pony tail behind my ear and out of my face. I was looking at my lap and didn't look up when I answered.

"No not today" Is all I simply said.






Heyy everyone just wanted to let you know that im thinking about writing a prequel to this story, im not 100% sure if im going to do it yet but it will be about Cora and Harry growing up together maybe how they met and started to bond. I would write it as if Cora is writing in a diary so it wouldn't be a proper story like this one (If you can call it that)


Anyway please comment or somehow tell me if you would like to see me write it and if you would really like to, tell me some of your ideas I may add to the story. Thanks.

Zali xxx


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