A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


9. A normal day, so far...

I woke up with Harry next me, like it has been all week. I slowly stood up and looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed, 9:13. I grunted because to me that was to early I walked into the kitchen got a bowl out, milk and my favourite cereal, Cocopops. Yum. I sat down at the table and saw that my phone was there I decided to check and see if I had any messages.

~ 2 unread messages~

From: Ezra da babe

Hey Cora sorry I didn't reply back sooner was out for the night, I would love to catch up!! :D When and what time?


To: Ezra da babe

Heyy how bout today we could go 4 lunch? At our fav shop??? :D Around 11:30? 


From: Ezra da babe

Lunch it is then at 11:30 :D See ya then


From: Mumma bear

Hi sweetie, how things going with you and Harry? Are you looking after my house? Oh and me and Marco have decided to visit a small town not far from where we are so we might be another week maybe not quite a week. Is that ok? If not we can come back at the end of this week. Love mummy xxx

Shit, I better reply to mum first she might begin to worry, I took a spoon full of cereal into my mouth then put my spoon down so I could text with two hands.

To: Mumma bear

Hi mum sorry I didn't message back sooner have only just got up from bed, things are going great actually and yes we're looking after your house. That's fine if you want to visit another town, or that your staying for another week, we don't mind :) xxx


Ok glad that's over, I got back to eating my cereal when I could hear footsteps coming from the hallway, Harry was up.

"Morning Harry!" I yelled from the dinning table, I was in a great mood and I don't even know why.

"Oh um morning" He finally said when he got to the kitchen.

"Are you still half asleep?" I asked him while tilting my head a little so I could look up into his eyes

"Yeah im fine, just haven't woken up properly yet" He said while wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

I had finished my breakfast now and had stood up. I went over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then went to wash my bowl up and head for the bathroom for a shower.

"What do you want to do today Cora?" He asked me while getting his own bowl out

"I don't mind but im going for lunch with Ezra at 11:30" I gave him a warm smile and started for the bathroom.

After my shower and Harrys it was almost 10:30, I was already ready for lunch so we had some time to just chill. We was on the couch, I was reading while Harry was on Twitter, he soon started laughing and I wondered why.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked, putting my book down on to my legs what were stretched out onto Harrys lap.

"Oh just a photo that just got posted, looks like the girl is reading" He said not looking up at me but still had a cheeky grin on his face

"Harry! You didn't post a photo of me did you?" I said now trying to get to my knees so I could look over at his phone.

"What? No why would I do that?" He still had the grin painted on. Now he was leaning away from me so I couldn't see what was on his phone.

"Harry Styles, give me your phone right now!" I was trying to sound demanding but I don't think it worked I think it came off as a silly attempt.

"Your going to have to catch me for it" He said jumping off the couch and running up the hallway laughing all the way, I just grunted at him and stayed put, I knew he would eventually come back into the lounge room and say sorry.

It had been about 10 minutes and I was beginning to wonder where he had got to because he hadn't come back since he ran off laughing. I decided to go and look for him, I searched the kitchen first although I could see it from where I was sitting but just to be sure he wasn't hiding somewhere in there I checked, nope not in there, next the bathroom and laundry, nope not there either the only other rooms that were left were the bedrooms, mine Marco's mums and the spare, which was Harrys to start off with.

I eventually got to my bedroom and hoped that he was in there just playing a joke on me and trying to scare me, it worked if he was just playing a joke. He wasn't, I found his phone on the bed and him on the floor leaning his back against it with a photo book in his lap, he didn't seem to notice that I had walked in.

"Harry?" I said with confusion in my voice, slowly walking towards him. He didn't say anything until I was sitting next to him on the ground.

"How long have you had this?" He said looking up at me with what looked like a twist of anger and confusion. I knew why he would be annoyed because what he was looking at was a photo book with only photos of us, when we was younger right up until he left for his most recent tour.

"A few years" I said truthfully.

"And why have you never showed me?" I could tell he was trying to keep his anger and frustration hidden but I could tell he was struggling with it. I wanted to tell him the real reason why I hadn't shown him but I lied, well half lied. It was special to me, but I don't mind showing people my stuff.

"Because its something special to me, and I don't normally show special things around for people to look at, where did you find it anyway?" I tried to take it from his grip but he only tighten it so I couldn't get it away from his hands.

"But im your best friend and now boyfriend, don't you think I had a right to see it?" He purposely didn't answer where he got it from. It was under my bed so I assume that's where he was hiding from me. Looks like now I have to tell him the real reason or he might get really upset and I don't want that.

"Yes Harrys you did have a right to know, I was going to eventually show you but now wasn't the right time I wanted to finish it before I gave it to you, it was going to be your birthday present, but now you have seen it so its not that much of a surprise now" I said while looking away and standing up.

"Hey Cora, im sorry, I didn't realise, I just found it and assumed you was making a diary or something so I opened it. Really I am sorry. How can I make it up to you?" He actually sounded genuinely sorry and stupid for getting angry about it. I was half way out the door when he had said this, him now standing up facing me. I stopped and leant against the door frame with a loud sigh. I didn't reply to him I simply got my phone out to check the time, 11:03.

"I don't know, what do you want to do to make up for it?" I said, not looking at him while he was walking towards me. Before he answered he was opposite me in the door frame with his hands on my waist looking at me with a warm smile.

"Well" He dragged the last L and sighed while saying it "I do have one idea" He said now with two fingers lifting my chin up so I had to look into his gorgeous green eyes. I knew what he was getting at but I couldn't I had to meet Ezra in about half in hour.

"Harry I cant, I have to meet Ezra soon, we wouldn't have time" It seemed he wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Please Cora, this would be me making up" He tried to do puppy dog eyes on me but I didn't fall for it, at least not yet I didn't.

"Harr-" I got cut off by him kissing me and I couldn't resist. I kissed him back. It soon turned heated and we left the door frame.

After we had finished it was 11:34.

"Shit Harry I have to go!" I quickly sat up and searched for my clothes with my eyes.

"Can't you just cancel he said leaning back down onto the bed in attempt to get me to lie back down to.

"No I can't I have to go ok?" I said now pulling on my white ripped jeans, and trying to find my shirt, I couldn't so I just picked up Harrys and pulled it on and tucked it in then pulled it out a little, forming a small bubble around my waist.

"You know my shirts look good on you, have I ever told you that?" He said smiling at me, looking me up and down, scanning every inch of me.

"Harry, I used to wear them all the time when you was here before you left, how is now any different?" I said looking up at him, throwing a quick smile at him while getting my phone and giving Ezra a quick text saying ill be a little late.

"Can I come?" Harry out of the blue said.

"Sure, get ready and ill meet you there" And I left him on the bed naked with a sheet covering the bottom half of his body.

It was 11:45 by the time I had got there and quickly parked my car and almost sprinted into the shop, I found Ezra instantly and walked over to her, sat down and said hi and sorry for being late.

"No its fine, why was you late anyway?" She asked now looking at the menu.

"Oh no reason" I said with a smile hoping that she wouldn't catch it, but she did.

"What are you smiling about Cora?" She asked putting the menu down on the table and leaning forward in her chair encouraging me to spill the beans to her. Before I got to say anything Harrys strolled in looking around trying to spot us. He saw us from Ezra waving to him he came over and sat next to me.

"Hi Harry, your just in time" She said, with to much excitement in her voice.

"Just in time for what?" He shot a quick glance at me and then his attention went back to Ezra, he actually seemed interested.

"Cora is just about to tell me why she was late to lunch, I think she was hanging with a secret boyfriend that I don't know about" She whispered the part about having a secret boyfriend. The look on Harrys face was shock.

"Does she have to tell you?" He said, I could now hear the nervousness in his voice about Ezra's answer.

"Well if she wants to, but ill eventually get it out of her" She laughed after she said this.

The convocation ended there thankfully because of the waiter coming over and wanting to get our orders, Ezra had a chicken wrap, I had my favourite meal, Lasagne with chips and salad and Harry just got the same as me.

We eventually got our meal, Ezra hadn't stopped talking since the waiter left and it was slowly getting annoying, but I can't complain, it just means I don't have to talk as much which was good.

Harry was the first to finish his meal, he just sat there listening to Ezra babble on about nothing really, well nothing important anyway. I was still eating, im quite a slow eater, which I hate because then if im with other people im normally the last finished and they are waiting for me, so I either have to eat quicker or leave my meal.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Harry smirking and looking down at his empty plate, I didn't think anything of it until I could feel his hand on my thigh. I instantly tensed up from his touch. Ezra had stopped talking for the moment because she was chewing some of her wrap and looking out the window next to us watching a group of little kids who look like they are going to a birthday party.

Harrys hand soon started to move up my leg and unbutton my jeans I tried to stop him by giving him an evil glare but he just shrugged it off, while Ezra was still watching the kids he quickly whispered in my ear.

"This is your pay back from pushing me in the pool" He still had the smirk planted on his face. I didn't answer him, I put my knife and fork down and put them under the table trying to push his hand away but he was a lot stronger than me, which didn't help.

His hand went in and made me gasp, which caused Ezra to turn her head towards me.

"Are you alright Cora?" She asked tilting her head a little with a frown.

"Oh um, my food was a little hot that's all" I said struggling to keep my cool with Harrys hand.

"Nice save" He whispered into my ear, while Ezra's head was down, she was concentrating on picking up her wrap without it all falling out on her.

"Harry stop, please" I said now looking straight at him.

"But this is my pay back, c'mon Cora I know you are liking it, don't deny it" He whispered, laughing.

"What are you laughing at Harry" Ezra now tuned back into reality.

"Oh nothing" He hadn't stopped and it was becoming very difficult to not moan from it.

Ezra had finished her food and was texting someone.

"Oh geez, sorry Cora I have to go, something has come up, wanna catch up some other time?" Standing up and getting her bag form next to her.

"Sure, no problem I don't mind" I was a little relieved that Harry had now stopped because when Ezra walked past towards the door she would have seen everything.

About 10 minutes later we left as well and went home. I still haven't forgiven him from lunch but he knows ill come around, sooner or later.




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