A Harry love story

As best friends go Cora Casstell and Harry Styles couldn't get any tighter they have known each other for as long as they can remember. Now as they begin to reach their adult lives together will their relationship stay the same or just get stronger? Maybe one of them have more than friendship on their minds....


6. A night to remember

After we had put our skates on Harry held my hand and led me to the gate to the ice we got to the gate and he opened it and went to step onto it and pull me on as well when I stopped

"What's wrong Cora?" He said in concern "Oh nothing just well I've never been ice skating before" I told him with a slight giggle. '"That's alright I will just hold your hand and not let go ok?" I was relieved when he told me he wouldn't let my hand go, first because I love having any excuse to touch him and second he has the softest touch a guy could have.

After 10 minutes of being on the ice and not have fallen over yet I was getting more confident in skating faster, Harry still hadn't let go of my hand, I think he was just as happy to skate at my pace and talk to me. "I think im alright to skate by myself now Harry" "Are you sure" He seemed a little reluctant to let go of my hand, but he did he just didn't let his eyes fall from me. "Im sure" I said while skating off a little faster, Harry had stopped skating just to watch me he had a smile on his face you could probably see from Africa. I felt great being able to skate without help anymore I got a few shakes but managed to keep myself balanced.

Harry was enjoying himself just standing there watching me, once I had done one full lap without him. He caught up with me and skated backwards still watching me move "Your doing great Cora, I think your a natural at this!" He said with excitement in his voice "Thanks Harry" I looked up into his beautiful green eyes while he stared into mine I got lost in them and lost my balance falling and pulling him down with me, we fell onto the hard ice and started to laugh we eventually decided to get up cause our arses were getting cold he got up and offered his hands to pull me up as well we stood and Harry turned around and gave a small hand signal towards the window at the back of the rink. "Harry what are you doing?" I asked a little confused "Just wait and see, you will like it don't worry" he took me to the middle of the rink and stood there with me, suddenly the whole room went dark soft music started to play and from above us a disco ball was pulled down, it was beautiful all the colours of the rainbow were showing on it but they were not as deep, they shone on the ice causing it to change its colours it was something gorgeous to watch. After I had finished looking around I looked back at Harry he was already staring back at me, it wasn't an awkward stare though. I felt one of his hands on my lower back pulling me in closer while his other was holding my left hand, he was going to dance with me, well skate dance. "Harry you didn't need to do this for me, being with you is enough" I said in a soft tone "Cora I wanted to do something for you you wouldn't forget" He stopped dancing with me and cupped my face with his soft hands and lent in and kissed me, it lasted what seemed like forever but it was really only a few minutes. After we had finished that he looked back up at my eyes and asked if I wanted to go home, I agreed and we continued to skate then left after about another half an hour.

~NOTE~ Things begin to get a little heated now so if you don't want to read it just skip to the next chapter.

We walked home hand in hand again chatting away about all the possible things we could, we eventually got home and Harry pulled me to the couch, turned the lights off and put a Disney movie on for us. he paused it before it started and went to the kitchen and made us some 2 minute noodles, we didn't feel like much after being out all afternoon.

Soon the movie ended, we had finished tea and we started to chat again, I decided to bring up what Harry had said before we left for the rink, bout having in idea we could do but then he ditched it took me out.

"Harry are you going to tell me what your idea was before we left for the rink?" I said choosing my words carefully "Maybe, why do you want to know?" He replied with a smirk on his face, clearly knowing what I was talking about "Well it hasn't left my mind since you mentioned it and Im really curious about it so I was wondering if you could just tell me it" He seemed to mould this around in his mind for about 10 seconds before deciding to tell me.

"Well..." He started "Its not something I can tell you, its something I would have to show you" "Oh really?" I said now catching on from what he was saying "yep" Just a simple answer was all I needed "And do you want to do it now?" I asked him. "To be honest I have for quite a while" He glanced down at his feet then back to me with a hopeful grin. "I suppose we could do something" I said this while climbing onto his lap, one leg on either side of him and putting my arms around his neck. The facial expression he gave me was like you had just given a little kid a bag of lollies or a block of chocolate.

I started to giggle as he put his hands around my back and slowly moved them lower and lower the more he lent in to kiss me, his hands eventually got to my arse and his face was inches from mine, then he begun to make out with me, I started to kiss his neck it was then I noticed something under me that wasn't there before. So between my kisses on his neck I said "Harry *kiss* how *kiss* turned  *kiss* on *kiss* are *kiss* you? *kiss*" All I got back was a moan from him and a slight laugh it was then I knew he was really turned on.

After like 5 minutes on making out on the couch he said we should take this to the bedroom, and so we did.

He carried me to my room and lied me down on the bed he then got on top of me and started to kiss me again, his hands were roaming anywhere they could get to. They soon got to the bottom of my top, his hands slowly crept up under it pulling my top up along the way that soon came off and so did his we was then both shirtless. He was still on top of me and he looked up at me and begun to kiss down to my neck then to my collarbone down to the middle of my breasts his hands  made their way to my back and unclasped my bra he then begun to kiss me again still travelling down further, he got to the bottom of my left breast and kissed it, I accidentally let out a moan, he knew where to get my weak spots he stayed there a while kissing lightly, biting and playing with them. He started his travels again and eventually got to my trousers he pulled them off, I could feel his hot breathe on the lower part of my stomach and it made me all tingly and turned me on at the same time it was great. He bit my pants and begun to pull them down but I quickly flipped him over, now straddling him, "Cora, I was gonna have some fun" He said in a playful tone with a huge smirk "Oh well now im going to have fun aren't I" I half laughed and painfully slowly undone his belt, he was watching me the whole time and got frustrated "Are you trying to punish me?" I didn't react I just glanced up at him and giggled.

By the time we was both undressed it had been half an hour. He was on top again and just about to slide into me, when he pulled a condom from his wallet that was in the back pocket of his trousers, he made me slip it on.

"Are you ready" He asked me with a little concern in his voice "Im ready" Giving him a smile. When he first entered me I felt a burst of pain, once he was in he waited for me to adjust, his eyes never left mine, watching my facial expressions to see if it was hurting and if he thought my face showed pain he would stop. After another 3 minutes the pain had completely gone and was replaced by pleasure. We went at it for about an hour before we both collapsed and snuggled up to each other, still naked we pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep in each others arms.

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