Believe (live the moment with Louis, sequel)

When all hope was lost, It was found again. This is the sequel for 'Live the moment with Louis'. Bella and Louis have found Love, but it hasn't been exactly easy, with another secret admirer. This is a story of how love can be, complicated, lost and found. "Things fall apart, so better things come together."


4. ~The Interview~

*next day. (boxing day.) Lets say everyone had a amazing *amazayn* christmas*

Bella's POV:  I was awoken to Louis' soft plush lips on top of mine, with slow movement, as he smiled into the kiss, I smiled as well. "Morning Beautiful." He whispered into my ear, Playfully nibbling on my neck. I giggled, as I slowly opened my eyes, I stared into those soft sapphire blue eyes, he grinned before leaving a trail of wet kisses down my neck. "You've gotta get dressed Bell's, we've got an interview." He said biting his lip, holding back that gorgeous grin. "Really It's the holidays!" I whine as he laughed.  "Have you already got my clothes out?" I ask in a lazy tone. Louis chuckled, and pretended to pick up clothing. "Here!" He said smirking, "Lou there is nothing there!" I said smiling, "Exactly!" He said laughing. I playfully rolled my eyes, and walked torwards the wardrobe, "Someones got some sexy underwear!" He said checking me out in my underwear. I quickly picked out a warm creamy colored jumper with a mustache on it, black jeans and lipstick red heels. I quickly rushed into the bathroom and got changed,  then I noticed Louis had left a present for me, a bite mark, on my neck. It was red and clear. I sighed and I traced my finger over the bite, remembering all of last night. I cleansed my mouth out with the strong minty toothpaste. I Opened the door before being pulled into a long hug, Louis' tall body leaning down, digging his head into the crook of my neck, as his hair made me feel ticklish. "Did you use my shampoo?" I asked giggling, "Why?" He asked embarrassed, fisting the back of his hair, "It smells of Lollie's Lou." I said breathing in his smell, with a mix of a dark musky tone. We both climbed into the porsche before going to the interview.


Louis' POV: We arrived at the studio where the interview was being held, I hopped out of the car before opening the door for Bella. I helped her out, because of the baby. "Thanks." She whispered, before attempting to kiss my cheek, but I guess I had other plans, so I turned my head. I held her head supporting the kiss, "Lou." Bella asked out of breath, I guess I didn't hear. I started kissing down her neck, "Lou." She whimpered, My eyes trailed up to her eyes, I saw it, she was in pure pain, I was crushing her tummy. "Oh shit!" I mumbled "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize." I said carefully letting go, But still surrporting her weight. She held her tummy, scruching her eyes up, "shit." I mumbled in horror of what I had just done. "Don't Babe, really stop worrying i'm fine." She said with a weak smile. I smiled slighly and gentally kissed her forehead. "Come on." I say soothingly, as we walked into the studio. "Hey Bella! Hey Lou!" Jenna, Ava and the boys cheered. "Wow." Niall said, looking at Bella's baby bump, He came jogging over to us. "Can I?" Niall asked her, she nodded smiling. "Hey Bub, It's uncle Nialler's, Hope you have been to much of a pain." He said chuckling. I swear I think I caught him wiping away a few tears. "Niall?" Bella asks worried. "Yeah?" He looks up with watery eyes and red cheeks. "Hey It's okay." Bella whispered hugging him. 


Niall's POV: Louis entered the doors helping Bella walk over to us. I stared at her stomach, It was completely obvious she has a baby inside it now. No going back now. "Wow." Was all I could manage slip from my mouth. I jogged over towards them,  "Can I?" I asked holding my hand in front of her tummy.   She smiled and nodded in approve meant. I kneeled down to her tummy and took a deep breathe.  "Hey Bub, It's uncle Nialler's, Hope you have been to much of a pain." I said chuckling, a few tears slipped. No Niall be strong. "Niall?" She asked worried. "Yeah?" I asked wimping. "Hey its okay." Bella whispered, opening her arms for me to hug her. To be honest I needed a hug. "Don't cry." She whispered sweetly, "Are you okay?" She asked reassuringly. I nodded, She smiled, "Do you want to sit?" I asked, narrowing my eyes on a seat. "Yes please." She replied. I softly put my arm around her helping her down the stairs, "Do you need help?" Louis asked behind us. Pfft no! "We'll be okay alright." I said walking her over to the chair. 


Harry's POV: "We are ready when you are." A producer asked, "Guys their ready." I say scanning the room, They all nodded. Louis walked over to Bella, kissed her temple and whispered something in her ear. Louis, Zayn and Liam said their goodbyes to there girlfriends. Then we headed on stage. Its Time. "Hello!" We all said shaking the interviewers hand. We all sat on the long couch provided, I was obviously sitting next to Louis. "Ladies and gentlemen, One Direction!" He called, making the crowd go wild. I smiled and chuckled, "How you going?" He asked looking at all of us. "Great!" Louis said smiling. "So lets get down to business." I looked at the crowd, with wide eyes, at the silly question. "So your album Take me home, is coming out soon?" He asked, showing a picture of the album cover on the flat screen tv. "Yes you will hear it very soon!" I said taking a sip of the water, that we were given. "And what about all the hate sent to your girlfriend Louis?" He asked. Oh no. "I umm.." Louis mumbled shaking. "Don't tell me you haven't seen it?" The interviewer asked amazed.


Louis' POV: Shit! No! I'm not ready to tell Bella about the hate, she's already handling to much. "I umm.." I mumble shaking like a rattle snake. "Don't tell me you haven't seen it?" He said smirking pressing for more answers. "Well.." I say searching for an answer. "Don't tell me you haven't seen my fist in your bloody face!" I said storming off. Yes I snapped. I stomped off stage, and saw Bella, "Is it true?" She asked looking at me sobbing. "Yes." I say shaking my head, wiping her tears.  The car ride home from the interview was silent. No talking of anything, just silence. We pulled up at a red light, I glanced over to Bella who was staring out of the window. I laid my hand on top of her hand as I caressed my thumb over her hand, She sighed but not eye contact. I sighed and rested my head on the steering wheel and shook my head lightly, "This isn't right." I whispered to myself.

A/N What will happen? Find out tomorrow, hope you are enjoying it!!!- Isabella Tomlinson:) xoxoxo

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