Believe (live the moment with Louis, sequel)

When all hope was lost, It was found again. This is the sequel for 'Live the moment with Louis'. Bella and Louis have found Love, but it hasn't been exactly easy, with another secret admirer. This is a story of how love can be, complicated, lost and found. "Things fall apart, so better things come together."


5. ~Goodbye?~

Bella's POV: Its been a month since the interview, I was getting more hate, I'd stopped eating and I was looking paler than ever.Louis has been away on tour a lot lately, recording, traveling and making music videos, living the life. I know what your thinking, oh my god, He dumped me. No he hasn't dumped me, his just away a lot. I awoke from a sleepless night, my pillow was still damp as a pond, I slipped my feet into Louis' moose Slippers he had gave to me while he was away on tour, I shuffled my way over to the heater control pad turning the heat up a few. Once I was satisfied with the temperate I decided to take a cool bath. I undressed myself and glanced in the mirror, and my eyes couldn't help but fall to my baby bump. I slowly and softly rubbed my tummy, soothing the baby inside. After a few minutes of me constantly rubbing I felt it. The baby kicked. I started giggling in happiness,   I needed to stop treating myself like this, I can't let this child down. I thought to myself before running myself a nice warm shower.         


~1 Hour later~ 

I'd pretty much eaten the entire pantry, I was no longer Dying of hunger. I walked over towards the pantry and grabbed a packet of noodles, before starting to cook them. "Hey babe? You home?" Louis called from the front door, I sighed. "Yeah Babe." I called from the kitchen, "Hi, Hows my girl?" He asked tangling his arms around my body, resting his hands softly on top of my tummy. "Great just great." I said unenthusiastically. "Whats the matter Bell?" He asked spinning me around, so we where face to face. I shook my head And looked the other way. "You can tell me anything." He said seriously. "Did Benji dig another pair of your underwear in the backyard." He asked smiling. "No,it's got nothing to do with Benji." I said flatly. "Tell me Bella." Louis asked worried. "I just.." I started. Louis looked at me in the eyes, as I stared at the ground. "I think, that your not really always there for me." I say biting my lip, refusing to wimpier. "Wh-aa-t???" LoUis asked letting a few tears run down his cheeks. "I just think, its better if we just break." I say crying. "What about us?? What about the baby?? What about getting married?" He asked in disbelief. "I can't." I mumble. By this time now we we're both, sobbing your eyes out."Babe i'll do anything please I just want you. I love you." He said tucking a stray hair behing my ear. "You missed it." I mumbled, "What did I miss?" He asked sniffing, "You missed it Lou, YOU MISSED THE BABY KICK!"  I yelled. "What!?" He asked leaning down to my tummy. "Go away Lou!" I shoved him away, "IT'S MY BLOODY BABY TOO!" He yelled standing up, "I gotta go." I stutter, running out of the house. I could hear the faint calls from Louis. "Bella!!" "BELLA WAIT!!" I only started sobbing harder.

Fairytales don't always have a happy ending do they?

Louis' POV: She's gone. I just let my life run away from me. I loved her. 

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