Believe (live the moment with Louis, sequel)

When all hope was lost, It was found again. This is the sequel for 'Live the moment with Louis'. Bella and Louis have found Love, but it hasn't been exactly easy, with another secret admirer. This is a story of how love can be, complicated, lost and found. "Things fall apart, so better things come together."


3. ~Christmas Lunch~


Harry's POV: We had everything planned out, the boys, Ava, Jenna, Bella and myself, were going to be having christmas lunch at Liam's and Ava's.  I walked into the kitchen taking a good look at the time on the microwave, 11:30, I only had half an hour to get ready, I rapidly started picking up my pace, I ran over to the cupborad snatching a package of porridge, before quickly making it, and scoffing it into my olive-sized mouth. I hesitantly placed the bowl in the sink, and rinising it roughly. I stupidly trotted up stairs and continued getting ready. I stepped out of the shower feeling fresh and new. I lazily went to grab a towel off the rack but there was absolutely nothing there. Oh well. I opened.  the door before walking to my wardrobe and finding an outfit. It seemed cold so I decided to get rugged up, to prevent the cool british weathers.  I picked out a navy blue top, black tight jeans and my white converses. With my large coat and scarf, to keep me, warm and safe. I grabbed my phone and placed an earphone in my ear, letting the other one hang down. 'Free Fallin' by John Mayer came on, this was my song. Not mine, litterly, but my favourite song. I heard and tap at the door, during the chorus, "Hey Niall! Come in!" I shouted over the loud music, "No need to shout mate!" Niall replied, matching the same volume as me. "Sorry, Lad." I said carefully taking out my earphone.   "Ready?" He asked, "Ready." I said smiling, picking the keys up and locking up the house. Next stop Ava's And Li's. We climbed into my car before driving to the house, no speeding don't worry....


Ava's POV: After our nice shower we had to prepare the lunch, "So what are we having again?" Liam asked jokingly, I gave him a glare. "Leeeyuummm!! We've been thought this a billion times before!" I said whining, as Liam chuckled, spinning me into him, "Its a joke, Love." He whispered, kissing my head. As I cooked dessert, Liam was 'suppose' To be cooking the lunch as I cooked the dessert. That idea obviously went in the trash. I continued stirring the mixture in the pot, when I felt something sticky and smooth slide down my cheek. "Liam ewwww!" I said pulling a disgusted face. "It's only Nutella." He said licking his finger. "Liam I have that on my toast, don't waste it please." I said giggling, reaching as far as my small figure could reach, trying to steal it from his hand. "I'm cooking with it Ava!" He said laughing. " Oh yum, Nutella oh lettuce!" I said sarcastically. We where soon in a food fight, food was flying everywhere. "You've got a little something there." He said, kissing me on the lips. "You go clean yourself up, and i'll finish cooking and cleaning." He said smiling.


Jenna's POV: I was really happy Zayn came, I don't want to know what would happen if he didn't come. "Where to?" I asked looking at the passing surroundings outside of moving vehicle, "Well I gotta get dressed, we don't want a boy running around on christmas in underwear do we?" He asked laughing, "Oh I think we do!" I said cheekily winking at him. He let out a loud laugh at my silliness, "I love you, but I reckon i'll look sexier in clothes!" He said running into the house, He returned dressed and ready. "Aww!" I whined humorously. "Don't worry, At least you know that ex Boss is getting you know, his too scared of me!" He said flexing his mussels. I playfully rolled my eyes, as we headed for, Ava and Liam's house. Yay!


Niall's POV: We arrived in front of this huge house, it was so big I was scared. The posh end of England sorta scared me. All the houses were too perfect, too well kept. Geezz They have no life, on the lawn mower 24/7. It's a wonder why any of the houses still have grass. "Hey!" Liam said hugging us both, letting us both in. 


Liam's POV: We all gathered around the table and started eating, Popping bon-bons and talking like a family should. We already have own our family. The boys, Ava, Jenna, Bella & myself. "Hey Liam can  you please pass me the basket of garlic bread?" Niall asked completely finished his first plate. "You still need to fit in dinner Nialler." Harry said raising an eyebrow, "I will, don't get your knickers in a knot!" Niall argued, take two pieces of the bread. "BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR TO THE RESCUE!" I looked at Louis, "Not the speedos!" I said face palming my face. "No it's my ringtone." He said peering at the screen, "Of course it is." I mumbled making everyone laugh. "I better take this it's Mom." He said politely leaving the table. 

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