Believe (live the moment with Louis, sequel)

When all hope was lost, It was found again. This is the sequel for 'Live the moment with Louis'. Bella and Louis have found Love, but it hasn't been exactly easy, with another secret admirer. This is a story of how love can be, complicated, lost and found. "Things fall apart, so better things come together."


2. ~Christmas Joy~

Hello, its been a while since we talked, but I couldn't wait, so I published it now! We are starting off where we left at.                


Liam's POV: I listened to the sound of the shower being turned on, water; hitting against the bathroom floor creating a soft melody. Ava hummed some random tune as she showered. It was early in the morning and the spot beside me was still warm, I rolled onto Ava's side, taking one of her pillows into my arms; hugging it tightly. I inhale deeply, her scent filling my lungs making my whole body relax. It was unbelievable the effect she had on me, it was like a spell but I felt oddly calm about it. I knew I belonged with her since the very first time, and I know I’ll be with her till the very last. I pulled my top over my head and stepped into the shower behind her, wrapping my long arms around her small figure. "Hey, Li." Ava whispered sending shivers down my spine. I couldn't help but blush. "Morning Love, Merry Christmas" I said smiling. I looked up. A mistletoe. Great timing. "I believe there is something above our heads, giving me a signal." I said cheekily. Ava looked up to see the mistletoe, "Liam you don't have to ask." She said as our lips slammed together. This is going to be the best Christmas yet.                                                


Louis' POV: I awoke to Bella's Warm body against my chest, as I held her close I admired her angelic face and the way her hair fell perfectly upon her shoulders. Just Everything. I smiled lightly and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and softly placed my lips on her forehead. I pulled away to see her brown eyes flutter open, happiness and joy filled her eyes as she whispered "Merry Christmas, Boobear." As she cheekily kissed my lips. I matched her pace, kissing her roughly. "That reminds me!" She said looking under the bed to find a card and a little present. "I forgot to give your birthday present yesterday, hope you like it." She said kissing my lips again. I carefully open the envelope to find a card, with a picture of an infinity symbol and under it, it said 'forever young.' I smiled, and opened the card.  'Dear Boobear, where to start? It has been an amazing these last few months of being with you, your the reason I smile each day and wake up knowing your by my side. I love you. No one else, you. I really wish I could repay you with the happiness I feel. Hopefully I can. I hope you get heaps of presents and have a amazing day. I love you with all my heart, From your Bella boo. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo x90000000;)' I let out a little chuckle at the ending bit, and give her a warm hug, I nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck as I rubbed circles on her back slowly. "Present time!!" Bella said enthusiastically, handing me the present. I smiled, I carefully opened the mysterious shape, my eyes were totally fixed on what was inside. I felt young again, opening presents on my birthday. A stripy top fell out among some toms, braces and a chew bone? I looked at Bella confused, "Umm, Bella what about me looks like a dog?" I asked chuckling. She softly grabbed my hand and tugged me down stairs, she opened the curtains that led out onto the balcony.. Thats when I saw it, a golden retriever. Bella slipped the door open letting the puppy inside, "Ello how are you mister." I said rubbing his back. "Mmmm..... Your name shall be.... Benji!"  I said happily. "Do you like that name??" I asked looking at Bella, "love it!" she said placing a kiss on my lips. "Christmas presents!" I said taking Bellas hand as we ran towards the tree. Benji was running after us with a smile on his face, letting out a few happy barks. We both kneeled down under the tree and located our presents. "Happy Birthday Bella Boo!" I said not realizing the mistake i'd made, until She started having cute fits of laughter.                        


 Zayn's POV: I awoke flopped over my coffee colored couch, I rubbed my eyes and headed for the kitchen. I walked to the island bench in my calvin Klein boxers, before picking up a little note placed on the fridge, held by a small round fridge magnet. "Hey Zayn, Merry Christmas!!! Sorry I can't be with you, my boss said I had to stay back and clean the shop up after some person crashed their car into the shop. Sorry I wish I could be with you but my Boss was going to fire me if I didn't clean up. Have a great christmas, Love! xoxoxo  From Jenna" My jaw droped open in disbelief of what i'd just read. That flacking boss needs a lesson! No one deserves to work on christmas! I ran out the door and hopped in the car, speeding off to Jenna's work. And boy was her boss in for a good punch in the face! I pulled up the abandoned small car park. I pushed the door open, "Zayn?" Jenna asked looking up from the ground with tear stained cheeks, "Babe don't cry, i'm here." I whispered pulling her into a passionate hug. "Zayn where are your clothes may I ask?" She said giggling. Oh shit! i'm running around town, in public with JUST boxers on! Well social network have just got a nice christmas greeting. From the one and only, Zayn Malik. "Staff only." I heard an idiot speak, with what sounded like a load of rubbish! "Well maybe if you don't give the nicest girl in the world time to work on christmas, I wouldn't have to come and kick your sorry ass!" I sassed, turning into Louis the 2nd. My tall frame was inches away from the jerk, I took the chance to knee him in the 'goods'. I jogged over to Jenna, Before pulling her to make an exit. "You're fired!" He screeched, "Good!" She replied back, leaving him on the ground in agony. "I'm so proud of you Jen." I whispered, "there my not be a mistletoe but I always have an urge to kiss you." I said before kissing her lightly, but soon turned into more of a rough environment, the paps had found us."Run!" Jenna said tugging my hand, we laughed when we got in the car as we backed out leaving the cameras in depression.                     


What do you think??? Comment please! I'll update soon!:)xxx

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