Living Like An American

Rebecca lives in new york, America. Her family always moves. Rebecca has never had any friends because of this but this is about to change. She will have adventures, live changes and meet new people. What will happen?


2. New Girl

I've never been popular at school. Maybe it's because I never talk to anyone or be friends with anyone because I'm too scared that i may have to leave. But this school is my last school until college, so I guess I can start to try and make friends. My parents are always pestering me about bring friends home. This is my chance to be popular...

I walk into the halls of my new school to be greeted with the usual rucas at an American High School. I look down at my schedule to find my locker.

 '206... where's that?' I thought suddenly my books go flying... great, I look up and see the most dreamy boy ever

"Oh god sorry... are you okay?" He asks collecting my books for me

"Yeah I'm fine," I smile shyly

"I'm Josh... How come I've never seen you around here?"

"I'm new,"

"Oh cool... umm sorry what's you name?"

"I'm Rebecca,"

"That's a cute name...Do you need some help?"

"Yeah I'm completely lost... do you know where locker 206 is?"

"Over here," He smiles and guides me to my locker. He shows me how to unlock my locker and where

my first class is.

"Thanks Josh it was really helpful," I smile

"Joshy! There you are!" A high pitch voice shrieks

"Oh Chrissa there you are," Josh smiles awkwardly

"Who's she?" Chrissa asks not really caring

"I'm Rebecca...I'm new here," I introduce myself sticking my hand out for her to shake but she rudely ignores it

"Babe... why are you with her?"

"I knocked her books so I help her find her locker and showed her to first class," He explains

she just laughs and walks off with him.

*At Break*

I walk back to my locker and I suddenly get shoved into a wall by Chrissa

"Stay away from Josh and we can be friends if you don't then you'll be an outcast," She hisses "You stay away from him okay," 

"Okay," I shrug

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