Living Like An American

Rebecca lives in new york, America. Her family always moves. Rebecca has never had any friends because of this but this is about to change. She will have adventures, live changes and meet new people. What will happen?


1. My Life

On the 11th of May 1998 I was brought into this world, but even through the moving, the schools and the adventures I don't see why my life is so chaotic to other people I mean I was still based in America.  My first year of being on this planet I spent in Los angeles however at mere age of two I moved to Salt Lake City, which I loved it till I moved to Minnesota when I was just about to start school. Then my parents and I moved to Washington When I was eight, when I was starting to settle in,I had to move to Texas, yes the place where the cowboys lived which at the age of ten was quite amusing. Dad promised that we would only moved two more times, when he shipped us off to Dallas before moving to Florida, where I thought I could finally settle down but of course dad decided after six months that New York was the place for us. So here I am, fourteen years old with my only friend is my maltese cross shih tsu, Honey.

I guess to know me, you should know about my parents. 

My dad's name is John A. Foster, he's a diplomat, like Obama or Mitt Romney only he doesn't run for president. He loves to fish and fix up old machines. Thats why half my weekend I spend in the garage. The other half i spend with my mom. My mom's called Juliette C. Foster, she is a doctor who visits peoples houses. It's quite gross to watch because they all are either spewing their guts out or bleeding to death. My mom seems to be obsessed with renovating furniture and making clothes. It's quite fun to watch her cutting and sewing. 

I think you should know a little bit about me.

My name is Rebecca J. Foster, I'm fourteen and my favourite colors blue. I enjoy playing hockey, fixing machines, sewing and singing. My best friend is my dog Honey. Oh yeah and a couple of rules

1. Be just another person in the crowd

2. Don't stand out

3. And absolutely NO girl drama!

Well i mean those are the rules of an travelling American girl anyway.

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