She could never really be bothered going but... You would do anything for friends, right?

Aqua and her friend were just messing around when they called the radio station for backstage passes to a one direction concert... but, with their luck. THEY GOT THEM! Read more to find out.


9. Studio.

We got together and went to a van to go to a studio. I'm soooo excited to record my OWN songs
And i also get to do covers if i want.

I'm already humming songs i've made up and liam said he liked the one i told him was called Heart Problem, i've also made some called Never Before, Not True, As If and Humour. I'm positive Simon will like them because, well, their decent.

When we got there I literally ran in. It was bright and the walls had posters of popstars and other celebrities on it covering up most of the beautiful blue painted walls. I frowned at that and Harry saw " what?" "oh i was just upset that you covered up the pretty blue on the walls," i answered. Then we really got to work.

I sang all my songs and covers of One Direction, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and many more until i said my throat hurts and then we shut it all down. If i get to do this more... My life will be perfect.
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