She could never really be bothered going but... You would do anything for friends, right?

Aqua and her friend were just messing around when they called the radio station for backstage passes to a one direction concert... but, with their luck. THEY GOT THEM! Read more to find out.


8. Simon, Thank You!

The boys were smiling along with Emilia but i was staring into space, what the heck just happened... i have the choice to sign with their BOSS!

" Guys, i'm honoured but it's on such short notice an-" i started to say. " trust me, Aqua he heard your voice and you have the choice to sign... PLEASE! I mean it's amazing this experience you'll love it" Harry said just as THE Simon Cowell walked in the room with a contract in hand. " Aqua, i would like to ask you if you would like to sign with my company, you may call family just to confirm if you wish." So i called mum and she was so happy for me so i said yes... " thank you just sign here, here and here." So i did and i ran over squealing with Emilia and thanking her for putting me in this position. Then i went and race over to Harry and the boys to thank them to.
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