She could never really be bothered going but... You would do anything for friends, right?

Aqua and her friend were just messing around when they called the radio station for backstage passes to a one direction concert... but, with their luck. THEY GOT THEM! Read more to find out.


6. Meeting The Boys.

Em and I left at about 12:20. We listened to the one direction take me home album and sang along. It took about 4 hours to get there so by the time we got there it was about 4:20.

When we arrived at the concert we found security almost imediately and literally screamed in their faces " FAIRYTALE PRINCESSES" they laughed at us and lead us to the boys.

We must have been pretty funny because we could hear the boys laughing and saying how funny we sound. When we finally got to them they were staring at us with dumbfounded faces, em and i both laughed and blushed.

When we all settled down we started introducing ourselves. " hello I'm Aquamarine and this is E-" i started " EMILIA!!!" she screamed. "yes you can call her Em for short and me Aqua, if you want" i said without emilia interrupting. "of course, i'm Harry and this is L-" "LOUIS" "LIAM" "ZAYN" "AND NIALL" copying emilia. " AND WE'RE ONE DIRECTION" they all said after that we all were chatting for a while until the boys had to do their performance.
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