She could never really be bothered going but... You would do anything for friends, right?

Aqua and her friend were just messing around when they called the radio station for backstage passes to a one direction concert... but, with their luck. THEY GOT THEM! Read more to find out.


4. Getting Ready.

We went to the mall to pick out a cute outfit to wear. Em chose a really cool mickey mouse long sleeved top, red skinny jeans, leather jacket and sparkley white combat boots. Her jewelry was amazing. She chose a silver chain necklace, dangley red bead earings and a b-e-a-utiful sparkley bracelet on her left hand.

I chose a sparkley blue strapless top, black cardigan, black patterned leggings and baby blue supras. For my jewelry i chose a strech head-band, diamond star necklace, blue pencil earings and a green charm bracelet.

After we picked it all and paid for it we went to nandos for dinner. Mum called after we ordered so i answered. " hey mum," i said " hey sweetie, just calling to make sure you're ok, you are, aren't you?" she asked sounding worried. " yeah mum guess what... We got tickets to a one direction concert!" i said. " oh, great sweetie i'm happy for you, i gotta go now, love you !" " bye mum" and she hung up.

We ate our food talking about the concert the whole time. I'm a pig so i got a lot to eat. After we finished, we paid and went back to the car with all our bags. I drove em back to her place and drop her off then drove back home. I got there and went inside said goodnight to mum and went to bed. Dad comes home tomorrow. YAY!!!
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