She could never really be bothered going but... You would do anything for friends, right?

Aqua and her friend were just messing around when they called the radio station for backstage passes to a one direction concert... but, with their luck. THEY GOT THEM! Read more to find out.


3. Car Ride

We both got in my porsche, mums money, and went to the mall. On the way there we cranked up the radio and listened to 92.9 our favourite station. We heard there was a competition for backstage One Direction tickets and all you had to do was call the station on 555-432-899 and test your luck. For em i would do any thing so we pulled over and i called the station.

So as i dialled the number emilia was bouncing up and down in her seat and crossing her fingers.
" don't get your hopes up there are millions of people who could get it that aren't us em, calm it," i told her. And just as i said that the station answered, " hello, are you calling for the one direction tickets?" a ladie asked, " yeah, our names are Aquamarine and emilia" " well girls congratulations, you got the tickets! Come to the station and pick them up, congrats again!" then they hung up, the phone was on speaker phone by now so em heard basically all of it. " OMG OMG OMG!!! WE ARE GOING BACKSTAGE TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!! DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!! EHHHHHHHHH!" her scream was ear piercing but i screamed along with her anyway, i really was kind of excited now. Impossible... How did that happen?

So we drove to the station, em had finally calmed down once we were there and we both got out.
We walked in and went to the front desk and told her who we were and what we were here for. She walked us up to the lady we were apparently talking to on the phone, she told us when it was, but of course em already knew that, and gave us the tickets and what to say to get backstage, we had to say fairytale princesses. Strange, i know.
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