Cursed (Niall Horan not famous)

Brooke was never a normal 17 year old girl. What will happen when Niall falls for her. It just so happens that once she turns 18 she will become a werewolf. Brooke had no idea about this family curse since she is adopted. Will love find away to brake the curse. Read to find out


2. meeting the horans

Brookes pov: 'Brooke wake up your going to be late for school', my mom said. ' Im up im up jeez', I said while rubbing my eyes. I was never a morning person. 'Can you please get out of my room so I can get ready', I asked while getting out of bed. After getting dressed I walked down stairs to eat when my mom said 'Brooke i would like you to meet our new neighbours the Horans they just moved here from Ireland.' 'Hi nice to meet you im Brooke,' i said. 'Hi im Niall, im Maura, and im Bobby,' they all said. 'Brooke why dont you walk Niall to school since he will be in the same grade as you' my mom asked. 'Sure let me go get my stuff and i will be ready' i told Niall. As i walked up to my room i couldn't help but think how cute Niall is. When i got my stuff i walked back down stairs. 'Niall are you ready?' i asked. 'Ya first lets go to my house so i can get my stuff ' he said. I followed him out of my house and into his he told me to wait while he went to go get his stuff . When he came back we were off to school. When we got there i walked him to the office so he could get his schedule. Once we got his schedule the princable asked me to show him around. We checked his schedule and he had the SAME as me. ' Hey we have the same classes' i said while showing him around. ' Well i guess that means we get to hangout with eachother more' he said kind of nurvous. ' I guess we do ' i said  * after school *    Nialls pov: While we were walking home from school i couldn't stop looking at her i mean she was gorgous. I finally got the nurves to ask for her phone number. ' hey can i have your phone number? ' ' Ya sure.' She handed me her phone and i put mine in hers then i txted myself so i can have hers.


a/n: sorry if its not good this is my first movella so i hope that in time i will get better.

like and favourite - lots of love amber -

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