Cursed (Niall Horan not famous)

Brooke was never a normal 17 year old girl. What will happen when Niall falls for her. It just so happens that once she turns 18 she will become a werewolf. Brooke had no idea about this family curse since she is adopted. Will love find away to brake the curse. Read to find out


3. chapter 3

a/n:the next couple chapters will have some sex in them so if you are under age please dont read thank you


Brookes pov: The rest of the way home was spent talking about what we like to do. When we got to hid house his parents wern't home. "Hey do you want to come over to my house?" Niall asked. "Sure why not, just le me go tell my mom" i answered. "Hey mom, can i go over to Nialls for a while?" i asked my mom. "Sure why not, but i want you home by 7" she said. When i walked outside all i could see was Nialls bright blue eyes.


"Nothing, you just have really pretty eyes"


i could see that Niall was blushing

"You have pretty eyes aswell"

"Thank you , but no i dont"

"Yes you do dont you ever think that"

"Thanks"As he said that i couldn't help but blush.

Nialls pov:When Brooke told me i had pretty eyes i couldn't help but blush a little. When i told her that her eyes are pretty too and she said no they aren't i couldn't believe she thought that way about herself. When we got to my house i went up to my room to change out of my school uniform. I was just taking off my boxers when Brooke walked in. Mine and her eyes grew as she just stood there starring. She finally turned around and i got boxers put on, and told her she could turn around now. Brookes face was bright red as she said "im so sorry i didnt know"

"Its ok you didnt know i was changing"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes im sure"

"Um Niall"


"I think you're a little excited "

"Why do you think that?"

"Because you have a boner " "SHIT im so sorry" "Its fine you are a boy and this does happen when a girl is in their room" she said as she giggled. "excuse me i have to go to the bathroom." God i had to get rid of this boner but its not going to be easy.  The only way is to wank. When i was done my boner was gone thank god. I walk out of the bathroom and Brooke sat on my bed smiling st me. "I know what you did in there" she said while smiling.

BROOKES POV: When i walked in Nialls room i had no idea he was changing. Ijust stood there starring at his dick. I couldn't help but think he was huge. I soon got out of my daydream and turned around. He soon told me i could turn around and i did. I walk over to his bed and sat next to him. I said i was so sorry i didnt know he was changing. He said it was ok and that i didnt know. Then i noticed that he had a boner i told him and he walked in to bathroom. I could hear whathe was doing. As soon as he walked out his boner was gone and i told him that i knew what he was doing in there. His face turned bright red as he said "im sorry."

"Its ok you had to get rid of it and thats how."

" I guess but its still imbarrasing."

 "Why do you think that?"

"Because i had a boner and i wanked."

"So you shouldn't be imbarrased by that because it happens to everyone."

As i said that i tried to put my hane on his leg but missed and put it on his crouch but quickly pulled it away as i seen his eyes widen.                                                                     

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