Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


8. Chapter 7

(Nina's POV)


I woke up with the sun in my eyes. I squinted and rolled away from the light. I felt a hand touch my hip. I gasped and shot up from the bed, clutching my chest.  


"Whoa. Sorry love. Didn't mean to frighten you." Niall said. 


I steadied myself against the tall wooden desk. Memories from the fight shot through my head like a book. Lucy's face when she screamed at me to leave. Liam's tear streaked face. My sobs. It all seemed too real. Like a nightmare does. You wish it would disappear but it won't. I checked my phone. No messages. No voice mail. No missed calls. Nothing. There was a knock on the door. I ran down and threw it open. Only to be disappointed to see Liam. 


"What's up?" I asked. 


His worried expression made the knots in my stomach clench. One word slipped through his clenched jaw. 




I bolted to grab my coat. I pulled Niall out of bed. I threw some clothes at him. He was changing while I was dragging him down the stairs. We ran out the door to Lucy's house. The one she bought when she had the babies. Or the one Liam had bought for her. When we arrived I ran through the door and saw Harry pacing the floor in front of the bathroom. He had his hands folded behind his back and he was muttering something. Niall walked up behind me and touched Harry's back. 


"How long has she been in there?" Niall asked. 


"Over an hour." Harry replied. 


"We need to let her have some space. She will calm down..." Liam said walking up. 


It was quite for a bit. But I heard the ever so slight 'thump' from just inside the door. The boys hadn't heard it. But I had. I knew Lucy was trying to sneak around. Making us think she was still in the shower. I gulped nervously. I took a few breaths before speaking up. 






"You didn't happen to have any... Razors.... In there, did you?" I asked nervously. 


"Yes I do. Why?" He asked questioningly. 


I threw myself at the door and began banging on it. 


"Lucy! DON'T! Don't do it! YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS! I know you think that you can't trust me but I am your sister! You have too. Lucy do not cut yourself!" I screamed.


The boys had caught on and began trying to kick down the door. Niall and Harry were trying to unscrew the hinges so less damage was done to the door. They had all hinges off except one. I didn't care. With one crashing blow I knocked the door down with my foot. Lucy was on the floor. A towel wrapped around her body. Water was dripping down her back. And blood. Was dripping down her arm and onto the floor. 


"Lucy." I whimpered. 


She slowly looked up. Tears in her eyes. 


"I-I didn't mean t-too. I-I-" she stuttered. 


"Shhhhh. It's okay. I'm here. I'm sorry. I love you. You're gonna be okay." I said pulling her into me. 


I took the opportunity to look at her arms. I gasped when I saw what she had done. 


She had cut the word 'trust' into her arm with the razor. 


"Call an ambulance. NOW!" I said to Niall. 


"No. No ambulance. No hospital. No doctor. No. No." Lucy whimpered into my chest. 


"It's okay. It's okay." I cooed at her.




When the ambulance had arrived, Lucy had lost a lot of blood. A lot. The bathroom looked like it was out of a horror film. She had written lies and trust in blood on the walls. The floor and carpet were soaked with it. Lucy had passed out when they arrived. They said that they didn't know if she would be okay. Her blood loss was unimaginable. She was ripped out of my hands. I had blood all over my clothes. I sat in the middle of the floor. Speechless. 


"Nina? Come on we have to get you out of these clothes." Niall said. 


"But the babies." I said. 


"I got them. I'm taking them to my flat." Liam said. 


I wrapped up in an old blanket and got into Niall's car. I immediately showered when we got home and changed into my sweats that Lucy had gotten me. I curled up on the couch and stared at the wall. Niall walked in and sat down with me. He pulled me into his lap and stroked my face. 


"She will be okay."


"You don't know that. Maybe she wont. Not even the bloody doctors know!" I said. 


"Well we can go see her a little later okay?" He said. 


My head was dizzy and my stomach felt funny. My stomach twisted a little more and I ran to the bathroom. 


As I was sick, Niall held my hair and put a cold washcloth on the back of my neck. When I had finally released the last contents in my stomach, I sat back against the wall and cried. I didn't know how long. Niall was there the whole time. I don't remember being dragged into bed. Or being under the covers. I just remember Niall's soft touch on my back and my neck. Kissing me the whole time. Distracting me more or less.


Then I got the phone call.

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