Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


7. Chapter 6

(Lucy's POV)

"Lucy?"a voice called out. I stayed, with my head hung low, on my knees. I felt a hand on my back. "Lucy what happened?"


"c'mon. Let's get you inside," he said, grabbing my arms to help me up. I tried to stand, to put my weight in my feet, but I fell again. Soon I felt an arm grabbing under my legs, lifting me up, and carrying me inside.

I was placed on the couch. I looked up to see vibrant, worried, green eyes. "Harry?"

"Lucy. What happened?" I asked, sitting down beside me. 

"Can anybody be trusted anymore?"

"of course. You have me. No matter what."

"did you know?" I said. He searches my eyes before sighing, and looking away. "You did. Did everybody?" still, he says nothing. "god I am such an idiot."

"no. You aren't," he says.

"I am."


"well I didn't see that my best friends are all keeping a secret from me. I am weak. Lost. And I just kicked out the person that matters most... How am I not an idiot?"

"Liam will forgive you," he says.

" you don't know that."

"but I do. How do you think I knew to come over here? He called me."

"I can look after myself."


"no Harry. I am 20 years old. I am a grown woman. I make my own decisions. I don't need you, or Nina, or Liam making them for me." I said, anger boiling inside of me.

"I never said you needed me to."

"but you don't get it!" I said, exasperated, "all my life I've been under Nina's shadow, Following her. I have kids now. I can't let other people make the decisions for me. So just...." I took a deep breath and sighed. " Just sit. Here. And stay."

I'm angry. No, that's an understatement. I'm LIVID. I storm into the bathroom, turn on the water, and strip off my clothes as the room fills with steam. I step in, the burning water scorching my back, as I go about washing my hair. Eventually, I sit. In the center of the shower, with water falling down into my eyes, I sit. And I'm pretty sure Harry was calling my name, but I daze.

What would life be now if I hadn't had Mia and Aiden? Would I be with Liam again? Would I be in this beautiful house with the person I love surrounded by people who love me? I try to take the questions into a positive note; however, that proves difficult. I most likely wouldn't be with Liam because he wouldn't want to be there to help me. I wouldn't be here, in this house, with my loved ones.

I looked up and out of the shower.

A shiny object was sitting on the edge of the sink.

I slowly climbed out, as if I was hypnotized, leaving the water on behind me. I drew in shaky breaths as I listened out the door.

"how long has she been in there?" I heard an Irish voice ask.

"over an hour," Harry said.

Had it really been that long?

"we need to let her have some space. She will calm down..." Liam said.

I was at of the sink now, a towel wrapped tightly around me. I reached forward with a shaky breath. With the one step I took the hold my arm over the sink I tripped over my own foot. There was silence outside of the door. I prayed that they hadn't heard me...

My eyes returned to the silver object as I slowly reached forward, lightly holding it against my out turned wrist. 

Nina was the one to break the silence outside of the door.


"yes?" he said.

It was quiet, as if she was contemplating her next question. When she finally asked it, I felt as if her eyes were boring into my back through the thick wooden door.

"you didn't happen to have any... Razors.... In there, did you?"
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