Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


29. Chapter 28

(Lucy's POV)

"Hey... Lucy?" he said as soon as the door opened.

"Hey Lou... can I come in?" I asked, giving a weak smile.

"sure sure." He quickly stepped aside, letting me in. "Mia and Aiden are sleeping. Liam dropped them off before he came to meet you" he told me as we walked into his living room.

I nodded before dropping onto a chair. I felt drained.

"Lucy, what's wrong?" he asked sitting on the arm of my chair.

I just shrugged. "Nothing"

He was quiet for a moment before blatantly stating "I spoke to Eleanor."

"Lou..." I said, finally looking at him. "I can't do it anymore" I whispered.

Louis engulfed me in his arms, my tears freely falling. I felt his hand rubbing my back, comforting me more than any words could.

"Lou, I'm so sorry for everything I've caused. All these problems are my fault."

He chuckled and shook his head. "Lucy, you aren't the problem," was all he said before the door opened. Soon Eleanor was walking in, followed by Liam. He stopped when he saw me and before I knew it, Eleanor had pulled Louis into a different room, giving us privacy.

" What do you mean we can't do this?" he finally said.

"This," I said, motioning to the both of us. "Us. It won't work."

" Lucy! We're about to get married, for Christ sakes, you can't call it off now!" he said, his voice getting louder.

" I can! If its not right, I have every right to. Its my wedding too."

"Exactly! Your wedding too. And it IS happening in two weeks," he said, finally stepping closer with anger radiating from his body.

"No. Its not. I'm calling it off. I'm done. Its all too much and you don't seem to notice how it affects me, how it affects you, your career. My children! Its going to affect their whole life. This relationship has too much drama and fighting. I'm not sure how I dealt with it this long, but I'm done now."

"You're not calling it off" he says through gritted teeth, now standing mere inches away.

"Watch me" I stated before turning to grab my things. There was a searing pain in my cheek and I quickly turn around to see Liam looking at me with a horrified look on his face.

Suddenly Louis was there, punching him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

I turned around to see Eleanor. "Go pack your things," she said knowingly. "I'll come up and help once the kids wake up."

I nodded, and made my way to the door.

"Lucy?" I heard Louis say as I opened it. I turned around. "I'm sorry"

I nodded again and walked out and to the elevator. When it opened however, there was someone I never imagined seeing.

Suddenly its all too too much and I felt myself falling.

"Lucy!" he yelled before my head hit the floor. I heard a door close and feet running. "Oh my god! Lou! call for help!" a familiar voice shouted from one side. All while someone new, the one who saw me fall, was holding me on the other.

"Lucy," he said again, brushing the hair out of my face. "Hold on,"

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