Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


28. Chapter 27

I watched Lucy sprint out of the store. I felt Niall's hand in mine. He gave me that 'we should go' look. I nodded and we left in silence. The whole way home, my heart ached. I wanted to go see her. To hug her and tell her it was gonna be okay. As I was watching the trees go by, tears rolled down my face. Niall patted my knee which made me cry harder. When we pulled up to the house I hobbled up the steps. When I reached the hall, Niall picked me up and slowly took me to the bedroom. He laid me down and started touching my cast.
"I get a temporary one instead, tomorrow." I said.
"So that means you can take the temp one off whenever?" He questioned.
"....Yeah?" I stared at him quizically.
"So that means we can do.. this?"
He leaned over me and kissed my neck. He slid his hand down my back and over my butt. He grinned and left a trail of love bites down my ear and neck. I laughed but pushed him off.
"Niall, my leg is broken!"
"It's healing!" he protested.
I rolled my eyes and pulled him back down for another kiss.
"Tease." He muttered.
When I woke up, the balcony doors were open and I saw Niall standing there. He had his shirt thrown over his shoulder and he was staring at the city view. I quietly scooted over to him and kissed his shoulder while placing a hand on his lower back. He got chills where our skin made contact. He turned around and gripped either side of my face.
"You're beautiful."
I smiled and he leaned down and kissed my lips. His were warm and soft. Almost addicting. He picked me up and swept me back inside.
The next morning, I rolled over and Niall was snoring softly. I kissed his back and got up to go to the bathroom. When I walked into the bathroom, I suddenly felt very sick. As I leaned over the toilet and emptied my stomach comments. My stomach flipped and turned. I groaned and got sick again. After about 15 minutes of this, I heard soft foot steps pad across the floor.
I couldn't respond. My throat burned and my mouth was dry. He opened the door and immediately grabbed my head and my back and lifted me off the ground.
"Baby you okay?"
"Water." I croaked.
He hurried off and returned with a glass of cold water. He took a damp wash cloth and placed it on my head.
"Better?" He asked.
Before I could answer, I leaned over the toilet and got sick again.
"Come on baby. I'll take you to the doctor."
(An hour drive later)
We pulled up to the front of the hospital. He pulled me out of the car and gave his keys to the valet. He hurried me in and talked to the lady at the front desk. Soon some doctors were hooking me up to machines and running tests. Niall was holding my hand the whole time. Later, when the doctor came in, he closed the door completely and pulled out a clipboard.
"How is she?"
"Well," he started, " she was sick for a reason. I have the results back. I have some news."

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