Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


26. Chapter 25

(Nina's POV)
 I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee and the light hum of the TV. I hobbled into the kitchen with the cast still tight around my leg and poured the now cold coffee into the sink. Niall and Harry were asleep on either couch. I walked over and flipped off the TV. I heard someone stir behind me.
"Nina?" Harry's classic morning voice whispered. I turned and smiled and walked back into the kitchen.
"Thanks for letting me crash."
I didnt reply and started making new coffee.
"I know you're mad but hey I'm sorry."
"k." I replied coldly.
He sighed and walked to the bathroom. A moment later I felt a warm pair of hands wrap around my shoulders.
"Morning." Niall whispered delicately as he kissed my cheek. I stayed silent and hobbled to the window to drink my coffee. He spun me around and kissed me on the lips. I smiled and kissed him back.
"There's the woman I love."
"Always been here." I mumbled.
Harry walked back in the kitchen.
"Dakota wants to meet for brunch."
"Okay." I mumbled walking into the bedroom to change. Niall quickly followed me and pulled me onto the bed before I could reach the closet.. He started kissing my neck and tickling my sides.
"Niall!!" I shrieked.
"Hey you two! No sex when we're in a rush." Harry said, banging on the door.
I giggled and rolled off the bed and changed.
We pulled into the parking lot to see Dakota frantically walking around her car. When she noticed us, she smiled. When she noticed Harry's face, she freaked. Yelling and ranting about it.
"Tell me who did this? Was it her?! she pointed at me.
"No! It's nothing." Harry grumbled.
"Tell me right now Harry. I will find out."
"Jesus, Dakota. Chill the hell out!" Harry yelled. He then stormed off and sat in the car.
Before I could register what had happened, Dakota had me by the collar and was shaking me.
"TELL ME!!" She screamed.
"Dakota!" Harry said as he shoved her off me.
"It was Liam okay?"
"Liam did this to you?" She asked.
"Yes but you are to crazy to stop and think for a second!!"
Dakota gasped and ran to her car. She immediately headed downtown. I knew where she was going.
"Niall, she's going to Lucy. We have to follow her!" With my crutch in hand, I got into the car and waited while Niall and Harry piled in. We took off down the highway. I could see Dakota's red car zipping in and out of traffic. We then ran into traffic and were at a dead stop. Dakota was two cars in front of us.
"Call her." Niall told Harry.
Harry nodded and pulled out his phone. After pressing a few buttons, he placed the phone to his ear. The ringing could be heard due to the quite inside the car. After no answer, Harry sighed and closed his phone. No one said a word as we made a mad dash to the wedding gown place. When we pulled up, she was already racing inside. I tried to get to the doors as fast as I could. When I entered, she was already screaming at a shocked Lucy and friends.
Harry ran up to her and grabbed her arm.
"NO HARRY! THIS IS HER FAULT!!! SHE'S A SLUT WHO CAN'T KEEP HER LEGS CLOSED!" Everyone gasped. It was dead silent. A single tear fell from Lucy's eye. She burst into tears and ran to the dressing room. When I turned to look back at Dakota, I pulled my hand back amd slapped her right across the cheek. She gasped and clutched her cheek.
"You're awful!"
When I went to find Lucy, she was a huddled mess on the floor.
"Oh Lucy." I whispered. I reached down and pulled her up and into my arms. I hugged her while she cried. I stroked her hair and handed her a tissue from the box on the table. She finally looked up and through muffled tears, she muttered, "I don't think I can do this."

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