Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


25. Chapter 24

The vacancy in the house the next morning was prominent, its silence deafening. Louis and Eleanor ended up keeping Mia and Aiden for the night and Liam was gone before I woke up. The only sound was of the mail slot being opened and envelopes getting pushed through.

I got up from the couch, where I was watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, and shuffeled into the kitchen grabbing the single envelope from the floor. Sitting down at the table, the thick black letters on the front caught my eye.


Just that. My name. Nothing else. I quickly ran out the front door, hoping since it was hand delivered, whoever dropped it off would be looming.

Still curious, I returned to the kitchen and opened it.

Dear Lucy,

It's been awhile. Hope everything is going well. We'll talk soon.


I stared at the letter in confusion, wondering who it could be from, until I heard someone struggling outside of the door. I ran and opened it in a rush to find Liam with 2 sleeping children in his arms.

I smiled at him and closed the door as he stepped in and went to lay Mia and Aiden down before joining me in the kitchen again.

"hey babe" he said, kissing my cheek.


I watched as he worked his way kitchen, making his cup of tea.

"what's that?" He pointed to the letter laid out in front of me.

"oh... Um, I'm not quite sure. Someone dropped it off."

"but you don't know who?"

I shook my head as he sat down next to me. "no idea."

"well it's probably nothing. Just a prank."

"you're probably right," I said, turning to look at him. "so where were you?"

"ooh, um I was just at the gym with Andy. Then I figured I would grab the kids on my way home"

"how long were you gone? I didn't feel you get it of bed..." I questioned, sensing there was something he wasn't telling me.

"h-he actually called me over last night. You were sound asleep so I just went. No big deal really"

"Okaaaay...." I glanced at the clock. "Well I'm going to go get ready."

"ready for what?" He said, finally looking at me.

"my dress fitting"

As soon as those words slipped, whatever was in his eyes, whatever he was hiding behind the hard mask, immediately softened. Our eyes locked with each others, and in that moment, time froze. It felt as if we were the only two people in the world.

Slowly he stood up and reached out to grab my waist, pulling me into him.

"can't I just call you my wife already?" He whispered.

Stretching up on my toes, I kiss him softly. "not yet" I backed away. "if you could, I wouldn't need to go to a dress fitting" I said, turning and walking away.

"I'm fine with that!" He said running up behind me and pinching my butt, making me squeal.

I smacked the laughing boys arm. "that is not funny."

"but it is!"

"nu uh"

"uh hu"

"nu uh"

"uh hu" he finished, sticking his tongue out.

"we fight like children." I said.

"yes, but children can't do this" he said.

Before I knew it, I was being pulled into the bed room and playfully thrown onto the bed. Liam quickly climbed on top of me straddling my waist. One of his hands was above my head, holding his weight, the other gripping my waist. His lips captured mine in a powerful kiss and I felt the familiar feeling of fireworks in the pit of my stomach.

"Liam" I said, when his lips moved to my neck.


I grabbed his chest and pushed him off, rolling out from under him. "I really have to go"

"ugh!" he moaned, throwing himself, face first, into the pillow. I smiled at his back before beginning to get ready.


When I think about the wedding, less than 2 weeks away, my heart flips. We grow up hearing stories about how the beautiful bride walks down the isle to the man of her dreams, just waiting to begin their life together. This is why, when I put on my white dress, I feel as of my heart is an Olympic gymnast. The flipping is continuous and powerful, yet the butterflies are soft and fragile. Two elements, polar opposites, that come hand in hand. You can't get one without the other.

The dress is simple. Plain white except for a lavender strip in the back of the skirt, tight around the breast with a belt under it that allows the skirt to poof out. So simple, yet the only dress I ever dreamed of.

As I'm standing on the platform in front of the mirrors, admiring the dress with Eleanor and Liam's mom and sisters sitting behind me, Dakota comes storming in.


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