Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


3. Chapter 2

(Lucy's POV)

"MAMA!" Mia squealed, crawling across the room.

"mmmmm yes baby girl?" I said, turning off the stove and moving my pot filled with macaroni and hotdogs to a different burner.

"ahhhhhhhhh!!" she giggled, grabbing onto my legs and pointing to the doorway to the living room.

I looked up to see Liam come running in, a giggling Aiden hanging over his shoulder, both in woody the cowboy hats.

"we're gonna get you Mimi!" Liam yelled, a big grin spread across his face. I reached down and grabbed Mia in my arms before taking off into the babies room as fast as I could.

"Oh no!! Daddy's coming Mia! Hide!" I said, placing her in her crib and bending down to give her a kiss.

"Uh oh," I heard Liam say. I turned around and saw him pulling Aiden off his shoulders and placing him on his hips. "looks like mommy says its bed time, Aiden"

At the mention of mommy,  practically lunged out of Liam's arms, falling into mine.

"time to to night night," I said kissing his forehead before lowering him into his crib. I heard Liam giving kisses as I walked out of the room.

I wandered around the living room, looking for my strappy heals, when I felt arms wrap gently around my waist. Instinctively, I leaned back into his chest, looking up at his face.

"are you sure you want to go out tonight?" he asked for the thousandth time.

"for gods sakes, yes! I'm sure!"

I tried to step out of his arms but they only constricted tighter around me.

"Liam, I have to find my— oh!" I yelled. Liam had stopped my talking my throwing me onto the couch. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down and climbed on top of me, straddling my waist and placing his hands on either side of my head, leaning up to look in my eyes.

"Are you positive?" he almost whispered.

"I haven't gone out in nearly a year. I'm going out, with or without you," I stated. His face spread into a grin before he leant down and places a soft yet firm kiss on my lips.

"hey hey he– oh are we interrupting something?" Harry said from the doorway, bursting our moment. I looked over at him, a smirk was evident on his face. Dakota stepped in behind him. Once she saw the position of Liam and I, she slipped into the kitchen, not saying a word.

Liam pulled away and looked at Harry, "kinda."

I smacked his chest and pushed him off as he groaned. "sorry" I said to Harry, going to find Dakota.

She was sitting at the counter, a bowl of macaroni already in front of her. She laughed at me as I walked in. "were you having fun?"

I rolled my eyes. "just hush and tell me if I look alright."

I was wearing a baby pink, sleeveless dress that can down to just above the knees. Through the middle was a thin, black belt with a small bow on it. I had numerous silver bracelets hanging off of one wrist while my charm bracelet was on the other. Around my neck was a locket the belonged to my grandmother before she passed away last year. My hair was pin straight, with a small portion on the top, pinned back.

"you look great! But um... You may want to try some shoes."

"shit," I cursed, running around. "Liam!" I yelled, "have you seen my heels?"

"behind the chair babe!" he yelled back.

I quickly found them and put them on before returning to the kitchen. "ok. So you already found the food for dinner. We already put the kids down but they could wake up. I have no idea what time we will be home so there is milk in the fridge, cups in the dishwasher, and diapers and wipes are under the bathroom sink, ok?" I asked a still eating Dakota.

"Lucy I know! This isn't the first time Harry and I have baby-sat Mia and Aiden. Just relax and get out!"

"fine," I huffed, before going to find Liam and Harry in the living room. 

Liam smiled as I walked towards him. "you ready hun?" he asked.

"yes. Just have to grab my jacket and we can be off."

"let me," he offered, fleeting to the closet to retrieve my jacket.

I turned to Harry. "thanks again for coming to watch them."

"no problem. Anything for you Luce."

Liam helped me slip on my jacket and reached for my hand. "let's go" and we were out the door.
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