Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


20. Chapter 19

(Nina's pov) 


I angrily smacked the machine. The beeping was driving me crazy. I quickly pushed the button for assistance. 

"Yes?" The nurse asked as she rounded the corner. 

"Can you please stop that insufferable beeping!?" I hissed. 

She nodded and reached forward, turning a small nob and putting an end to that god awful sound. She smiled then exited the door. 

I felt bad instantly. I was being a bitch. But how would you feel if the chances of you having a baby were smaller than the chances of getting struck by lightning 3 times in a row? 

The doctor said it was highly impossible. I had cried. And Niall had held me. But I couldn't accept it. I couldn't. Having a baby is my life long dream. It's all I have ever wanted. And now it is gone. Just like that. 

I sighed and turned the TV off. The cast around my leg itched and I was about to scream. But I was supposed to be numb from the waist down. I sighed and leaned back. Closing my eyes I tried drifting off to sleep. When sleep eluded me I reached for my phone. No messages. 

It was boring being in a hospital all day and night. They wouldn't let me go anywhere. Not even to the bathroom unless someone helped me.

There a soft knock on my door and Niall poked his head in. 

"You up?"

"Unfortunately." I sighed. 

"How are you feeling?"


"You seem irritated." He said nudging my arm. I pulled my arm away and stated out the window. 

"Are you mad at me Nina?"

"No. Just crushed."

"I know you are hurting right now but babe, this isn't the end of the world. We can always adopt."

"Niall you don't understand. I want your baby. My baby. Not someone else's. Mine. Ours."

"Nina. You heard him. It's nearly impossible. Your uterus erupted-"

"I KNOW WHAT IT DID!!!" I screamed. 

He flinched and fell back against the wall. His face was a look of pain. 

"I wanted a baby as much as you do okay?" He said before sitting down next to me. 

"Nina, don't push me away."

"I'm not. I am just frustrated and angry." I said. 

"I understand."

"Do you?''

"Of course." He whispered. 

My heart almost broke right there. Why was I being this way to him? I reached down and grabbed his hand. He looked up at me and smiled. 

"On the bright side, we are getting married!" Niall said. 

"True." I smiled. 

Knock, knock, knock. 

"Ms. Renee?''


"I'm here for your check up." 

The nurse said slipping past Niall and walking to the machine. She turned the nob and the beeping filled the room again. I groaned and sat back. 

After about 30 minutes of silence she spoke. 

"Well the good news is that your surgery has repaired your uterus. It is still very weak and it doesn't change what you have already been told. Conception is still nearly impossible in your condition. Well conception is possible but having a full term pregnancy leads to the risk of your uterus tearing again or other medical problems. It is also very unlikely, if you do get pregnant, that the pregnancy will stick. The lining of your uterus will not support an egg. Also, sexual activity is off limits for about another month or two. Is that clear?"

"Wait. I though my uterus had erupted.''

"Not quite. Upon further investigation, we found that the lining of your uterus had torn. Which sounds way better but is still very serious."

I nodded and looked at Niall. 

''Now if everything goes well tonight, you could possibly go home tomorrow or the day after. Your cast will be taken off in about 2months. So pretty much when you get your cast off is when sexual activity will be okay. You will have to get checked up on before either of those happen. Okay?" She said, plastering on that fake smile. 

"Okay, but before you go, please turn off the beeping." I replied. 

She nodded, turned the machine down, and walked out the door.

"Nina this is great news!" Niall cried and jumped up and down.  

"Not really........''

"Well it's better than what it used to be!"


His smiled faded and he walked to the window. 

"Nina I am trying to make you happy here."

"I know. I'm sorry." I whimpered into my hands. 

I felt him wrap his arms around me an hold me close. He was warm and I couldn't help but smiling at the feeling. 

"Now get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day!" He said, kissing my head and leaving the room. I smiled at his now disappearing figure and closed my eyes.




So. Hope you liked it! Sorry it took forever to update. Molly has been sick and I have been... Let's just say tired. Tired works. Hopefully you won't have to wait forever for another update! Have a nice Sunday! Its snowing buckets here!!





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