Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


19. Chapter 18

(Lucy's POV)

"oh my god! Niall! Are you ok? What happened?" I yelled as soon as I stepped off the elevator and saw him slouched to the ground at the end of the hospital ward.

He remained silent. When I reached him, I grabbed his face in both hands, pulling it up to look at me. His cheeks were tear stained and puffy red. His brilliant baby blue eyes seemed almost as if death itself floated in them.

"oh Niall..." I whispered, wrapping my arms around him. We remained like this for awhile, just wrapped in each others arms.

"I'm so sorry," I heard him mutter.

"Niall, it's not your fault," I said, pulling back to look at him.

"eh hem," an awkward cough came from behind us. I looked behind me to see a man, no older then 30, looking down on us. "are you here with Nina Renee?" he asked in a deep voice.

"yes," I said, standing up and facing him.

"and of what relation are you?"

"I'm her sister. And he is her..." I drifted off, unsure of what they were anymore.

"I'm her fiancé," Niall said, standing up. I felt a grin stretch onto my face as he said this.

"right." the doctor said. "I'm Dr. Gavin. I'm the one in charge of Nina's case. I have some good news, and I'm afraid I have some bad news as well..."

"what is the good news?" I asked cautiously, reaching for Nialls hand to hold for support.

"the good news is that her leg, while severely cut and broken, was mendable through surgery and will fully heal so long as she attends physical therapy for a few weeks," the doctor said.

"and the bad news?" Niall asked.

Dr. Gavin sighed. "you may want to sit down..." Slowly, Niall pulled me into one of the uncomfortable chairs that lined the hall. I couldn't help but wonder what families had sat here, waiting to hear the fate of whomever they were in for.

"after the crash," he said, now standing in front of us. "paramedics were able to stop the bleeding in her leg fairly quickly once she was reached. However, you can only stop visible bleeding on the crash site, and visible bleeding was not the only bleeding occurring with Nina."

"so... What? She's still bleeding?" Niall asked. I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, letting him know to not freak out, but just stay calm as I was sure this news wasn't as bad as we thought. Surely it's just a lost toe, or something that was fixable, just expensive.

"no. No we managed to stop all the abdominal bleeding..."

"abdominal." I said slowly, now scared of where this was leading.

"the crash... The airbag on the passenger side didn't deploy like it was supposed to causing Nina to fly forward. She ended up outside of the car because she was thrown through the wind shield-"

"she wasn't thrown out the wind shield," Niall interrupted. "she was hooked on the dash bored. I pulled her out..."

"ah. Then my suspicions are correct. You see, the immediate pressure caused by the dashboard on Nina's abdomen caused her uterus to burst..."

I looked at Niall who had confusion crossing his face. Never having a child might be the reason he doesn't understand.

I felt warm tears running down my face. Niall caught my eye and gave me a worried glance. He reached forward and slowly wiped my tears away.

"hey," he whispered. "it's going to be ok. It's not that serious... We were just freaking out," he said confidently.

"Niall... Y-you don't u-understand...." I stuttered, emotions coming over me now.

"I don't understand what?" he asked, turning back to the Dr. Gavin.

The doctor placed a sympathetic hand on Nialls shoulder. "son," he said, pausing so Niall could hopefully prepare himself.

"it means she can't have kids."
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