Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


16. Chapter 15

(Nina's POV)


"Run! Run! Nina! Go!!!" Niall screeched. 

I didn't know what I was running from or why. I stopped and turned around but I couldn't see Niall. 

"Niall?!?! Where are you?" I screamed. 

I heard a scream and then a loud bang!


I shot up in bed. My breath was shaky and I was covered in sweat. There was another bang and I looked at the window. A big branch was swinging from a tree and it kept hitting the window. I put a hand on my chest and walked to the window. I tried reaching up to push the branch a different way but it was too far. I sighed and when the brach came swinging back I grabbed it and twisted it till it snapped off and fell to the ground below. 

The rain was coming down harder and lightning flashed across the sky. It made me think of the night that I danced in the rain and cut up my feet. Niall had- Niall. Shit. The tears started  forming in my eyes and I blinked them away. I turned my head to look at the clock. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. I sighed and retreated back underneath my comforter. It was really thin and I shivered. 

Giving up, I walked to the door and in to the hallway. It was pitch black except for the flashing colors coming from the living room. I tip toed down the hall trying to be quite and see where the light was coming from. When I rounded the corner I saw Zayn on the couch watching tv. 

Just as I was about to turn around and head to bed, avoiding a conversation I didn't want to have, the floor underneath me let a groan and I froze in place. 



"Yeah." I said walking back around the corner. 

"Storm wake you up?" He asked. 

"Uh yeah." I lied. 

I couldn't tell him about the dream. It would bring up the wrong conversation. I really didn't want to talk about Niall. Or the hook up. I just wanted to move on. Not think about it. But it felt like the longer I was here, the harder it was to forget.  

"Come sit. I don't bite." He teased. 

I slowly walked to the couch and sat down at the other end of it. Bringing my feet up to my chest. 

"Do I smell bad or something?" He asked. Hurt lining his voice. 

"No." I whispered. 

"Then tell me why you can't even look me in the face." He said shutting off the TV. 

"'s just with everything that happened...." I mumbled. 

"Screw it!" He yelled, leaping from the couch. 

"What-" I began. 

"No. Don't. What happened between us was an accident. Okay? And if Niall can't see that over his big head then fuck it! Why do I even try to make it up to him. If him acting this way means that you won't even talk to me then why do I even try?" He yelled. 

I cowered in to my knees. 

I heard him sigh then bound up the steps to his room. 

I rose from the couch and looked out the window. What would mom say? If she were here. What would she tell me to do? I missed having someone there to listen to your stories and help you through them. She really couldn't help when she was sick but she sure tried. I missed that about her. 

I considered calling Lucy. But if her phone woke the babies she would be pissed. There goes that idea. 

Walking to the kitchen, I grabbed my phone off the counter. I had 10 messages and 3 missed calls. One was 5 minutes ago. What the? It was 3 am. Who would call me this early? I unlocked my phone and was shocked at the name on the screen. Niall. He had called me. He was awake. I ran out to the porch and re-called him. Hoping he would answer. 

"Nina?" He answered. 

"Hi." I whispered. 

"Hey." He sighed. 

There was a moment of awkwardness. 

"Nina where are you?" He asked. 

"I'm at Zayn's flat."


"I have no where else to stay." I replied a little bitter. 

"You didn't have to go." 

"You made it pretty clear you wanted me gone, Niall."

"I was mad. And hurt. My BestFriend and my fiancé. What was I supposed to do?"

"Listen to what really happened. Niall, you never gave me a chance to explain.  You didn't listen. You just yelled. And assumed the worst."

"I know and I feel terrible." He whispered.

"I know-" I was interrupted by lights from a car in the drive way.

"Hold on Niall someone is here." I said. 

No reply.

"Niall?" I asked. 

Then the phone went dead. 

I dropped my phone into my pocket and squinted against the light to see who was there. 

As the rain began to pore down again a mess of blonde hair stepped out of the car. 

"Niall." I breathed. 

I slowly stepped off the porch and into the rain. Leaving my phone in the dry porch. I took a wobbly step towards him. I had to resist the urge to just take off full speed. But when he opened his mouth and whispered Nina I lost the control and took off towards him. My heavy feet hitting the ground with splashes. Mud was kicking up around my feet and soaking my clothes. I kept running. 

When I reached Niall, I melted into his embrace and sobbed. The rain hitting hard on my back. 

"I'm so sorry." I yelled over the howling wind and rain. 

"Me too." He sighed. 

Then I heard bells and I looked around. 

"Nina your phone is lighting up on the porch." Niall said. 

Confused I ran back to the porch and swiped my phone off the table. It read lucy. 

"Lucy?" I answered. 

"Um... Hey Nina," Lucy said shakily.

"Lucy? What's wrong?"

"someone is here. Can you come over. Fast please."

I ran inside and grabbed my keys off the counter. I scribbled a note to Zayn before bounding out the door.

"I'm on my way, but who is it?" I asked.

She didn't answer. Instead, all I heard was her breathing.

"I'm coming. I promise. I will be there fast." I said before jumping into Niall's car. 

He looked confused before shrugging and hopping into the driver seat and speeding off down the highway. 

"Where to?" He asked.

"Lucy's. Fast." 

He stepped on the gas and we flew down the road.
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