Bound To You

Its been almost a year since the twins were born. Lucy and Nina are growing up. When secrets are made, friendships break. Who will leave the picture and who will be bound to stay?


2. Chapter 1

(Nina's POV)

I grabbed my keys as I walked out the door of the hotel Niall and I were staying at as we visited his family in Ireland. They didn't know about his proposal. Nobody did. I hadn't the courage to tell anyone. Lucy didn't even know. 

I fast walked down the street as I approached the tiny little coffee shop. The bell above my head rang signaling my entrance and a young man walked out from behind the counter.

"Hello there. What can I get you? A cup of tea? Coffee? My number?" He asked with a wink. I rolled my eyes. 

"Niall. Knock it off." I muttered before walking to the back of the store. I threw my keys and purse into the big black desk as I sat in the large chair. Niall waltzed in and kissed me on the cheek. 

"Don't be like that love. What's wrong with you today?" He asked. 

"I just want to get home to Lucy. She called last night. First time in......weeks." I said. 

Lucy and I had grown apart the last couple of months. I tried avoiding telling her about Niall and me. And now that she was a mommy she was super busy. We just didn't have time for each other. It hurt. But it had to be this way. My breath caught in my throat as I thought about everything. 

"Nina? Would you like to go home?" Niall asked. 

"Yes please." I whispered. 

"Okay. Let me call Ricky in so I can let him know that I will be leaving. Then we can go." He kissed my head and pulled out his cellphone before pressing it to his ear and walking away.

I spun around in the spiny chair and stared at the ceiling. I got up from the chair and grabbed my things before returning to the hotel to pack. We didn't have much. Just some clothes and snacks. I gathered them all and it fit into the two big suitcases we had brought. As I was clearing out the night stand, a picture fluttered to the ground. I leaned down and saw the very edge of it. It was a picture that Zayn had taken at the hospital. It was me and Lucy holding Aiden and Mia. We were smiling and Liam was in mid jump in the background. This was right after Lucy had said Aiden Lee and Mia Elizabeth Payne. He had jumped around the room and then we took this picture. It made me sad. I missed all of us. Our big, huge, messed up family. 

I sighed and dragged the suitcases out to the taxi that Niall had called for us. While throwing them in the back I noticed the driver was a tall gentlemen with midnight black hair and dazzling green eyes. I looked down at my feet, embarrassed by my thoughts. I pulled out my cell phone and quickly scrolled through my contacts before landing on Niall's. I hit the call button and pressed the cold phone to my ear. Shivering as the wind played with the hem of my scarf. 

"Hello?" He answered. 

"Niall. Where are you? The taxi is here." 

"Oh I'm almost there. Right down the street actually. I'm pulling up." He said before hanging up. 

I watched as he tipped his driver and dove into my taxi. He buckled up and shivers violently for a few seconds before warming up in the heat from the vent. 

"Are you taxi hopping again?" I asked. 

"Of course not." He said with a wink. 

"Come over and warm your fiancé up." I smirked. 

He scooted over and wrapped his arms around me as I leaned into his chest. His breathing was slow and I could hear his heart beat. He was soft and warm and I nuzzled into his chest. He kissed my forehead and sighed. 

"What?" I asked, sitting up slightly. 

"Are we engaged? Really?" He asked coldly. 

"Of course we are." I said sitting up straighter this time. 

"Really? Well you never wear your ring," he said motioning towards my naked hand," and you haven't told anybody. It's been almost a year for gods sake." He hissed. 

I fell back to my seat and looked out the window. Tears formed in my eyes but I blinked them away and swallowed hard. I took a minute to gain my emotions and looked him straight in the eyes. 

"You know why I am doing this." I said. 

"Not really. All I know is that you are afraid of what other people will think of you." He said. 

"Because i don't feel I am good enough for you." I whispered. 

"Oh Nina." He said. 

He pulled me to him again and kissed me hard on the lips. I tried resisting at first but lost miserably to his soft lips. He pulled back and stroked my face. 

"You are beautiful to me. And Lucy has the right to know." He said. 

I nodded. I knew she did. I just didn't have the guts to tell her. What if she disagreed with my decision. Or what if she thought that it was too fast or too soon? I mean it kinda was. But things happen for a reason right? Obviously we were meant for each other. I sighed and leaned my head against the window. I watched as the rain drizzled down on to the sidewalk. Making it look cold and dark. I shivers at the thought and leaned back into Niall. He stroked my hair and I closed my eyes. Breathing in the smell of him. 

Before I knew it he was pulling me out of the car half asleep as paparazzi swarmed around us. We darted into the airport and half walked half ran to our plane that was waiting for us. Niall's new little present to himself. A giant private jet with Ireland colors on it. Just like his microphone. We hopped in and waited for the people to load our luggage before the captain told us to take a seat and buckle up. We were in the air no longer than a minute before I had curled up in the bedroom that was located in the back and fallen fast asleep to the hum of the world going on around me.
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