Dark Side

Lux Gallagher is a contestant on The X Factor USA.
She thinks everything is going great for her, until the producers drop some news.

Everyone is getting their own celebrity mentor for the live shows.

Lux is excited, until she finds out her mentor is an obnoxious, pompous jerk.
Not only does he think he's God's Gift to women, he's in a boy band to top it off.
Will their constant arguing and fueding ruin her chances on the show?
Will their dark sides tear each other apart and destroy one another?

Find out who wins this war in Dark Side.


16. Trust



“There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out the dark..”

Harry tapped his foot to the beat from his spot in the judge's section of seats, smiling lightly as Lux's voice projected out into the room even without a microphone. He decided he wanted to hear her A capella, so that's what he got.

“Why did you pick this song?” Lux suddenly asked mid-song, throwing her hands up. “Everyone knows this song, it gets so overplayed on the radio that you'd think Adele was the Queen. Which, she is in a way, but still..why?”

“Because you can pull it off.” Harry replied, jumping down from the raised platform where the judge's seats were, climbing onto the stage and walking over to her. “Your voice is strong and sexy, and as much as I would love for you to continue singing ballads this entire competition, we have to give them an upbeat song once in a while. So just trust me, sweet cheeks. I've got your back.”

“How do I trust you?” She whispered, her eyes narrowed into angry little daggers shooting at him.

“You just.. do, I suppose. What? You don't?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “How do I prove you can trust me then, love?”

“Ummmm...” She paused, tapping her chin with her finger. “I know!”

Harry let her lead him to the edge of the stage, where she gestured for him to get off the stage and stand directly below it. He did as she told with an eye roll, looking up at her from the pit in front of the stage.

“What the bloody hell..” Harry began to talk, stopping mid-sentence when Lux turned her back to him. He watched with wide eyes as she let her body relax and turn to jello, falling slowly off the edge of the stage. He jutted forward with a fast beating heart, his arms thrust out in front of him as she fell into them harshly. He clutched her body tightly, holding her against him bridal style, his fingernails cutting into the bare skin of her thigh.

Lux's head was back and she was giggling loudly, looking up at him with a smile.

“Guess you're trustworthy.” She whispered, and Harry let out a long breath to calm his erratic heart before he dropped her on the ground, listening to her land on her butt with an audible thud.

“OUCH!” She shouted at him, slowly standing and rubbing her sore butt.

“You scared the crap outta me, Lux!” He stated, sighing and running his fingers through his hair.

“Geez, sorry.” She mumbled, rolling her eyes as she looked away from him.

“Here, let me.” Harry smirked, moving to rub her bum as well. Lux held back a smile as she smacked his hands away, grabbing his wrists when he tried to come back at her.

“Stoooooppp!” She squealed, giggling when he moved in to tickle her instead, laughing as she laughed, smiling as she smiled, enjoying the touch of her hands on his as she tried to fight him away.

At one point in the tickle war, Lux grabbed onto his hands to stop him, and he was so shocked by the sparks that flew through his fingers that he stopped trying to fight her back. Her fingers were wrapped around his tightly, and his smile fell slowly as he looked up at her, watching her smile fall too. Her fingers loosened and moved to drop away from his hand altogether, but as she was letting her hands drop back to her sides, Harry softly snatched them back up, cradling them in his own.

Her eyes stared into his as he let her fingers fall through the spaces between his own until their hands were locked in a tight embrace. A shaky breath escaped from between her lips as she dropped her eyes from his, making him tilt his head, his eyes searching for hers once more. She refused to meet them, keeping her eyes on their entwined hands instead.

“You make me feel like I'm gonna puke.” Lux whispered, slowly looking up into his eyes.

He smirked, not all too surprised hearing those words from her lips. “Yeah, yeah. I know.”

“No..” She shook her head, “Like, in a good way..”

“Oh.” He let out, his fingers tightening around hers even more from nervousness.

“Like you know how it feels to be in line for a roller coaster, and you're excited to ride it, but you also feel like you're gonna puke from excitement? That's how I feel around you.” She said, keeping her eyes adverted the entire time, scared to look at him.

“Yeah.” He said softly, trying his hardest not to say something mean again. “I know what you mean.”

She suddenly forced out a small laugh, shaking her head as she pried her hands out of his, turning away from him. “I can't believe I just said that to you.”

“Really? I've been waiting to hear something like that from you for the past 2 and a half weeks.” Harry said, shrugging and following her to the front row of seats where she plopped down.

“Oh, as if I've liked you since Day 1.” She groaned, rolling her eyes. Her eyes widened when she realized what she's just admitted. “I didn't... I mean.. n-not.. not that I like you...”

“Of course you like me. Everyone likes me.” He scoffed, shaking his curls out of his eyes.

“Saying things like that are what make me regret telling you anything to do with my feelings. In general or toward you.” Lux sighed, getting to the point where she feels hopeless when it comes to him.

“What, exactly, are your feelings toward me?” He whispered, looking surprisingly scared.

“I don't want to talk about that.” She stated, frowning and looking up at him.

“I do, Lux. I need to know.” He met her eyes, reaching his hand out to brush her hair back from her cheek. She leaned into his touch automatically, shaking her head as she looked away from him.

“I'm not ready to have this conversation with you, Hazza. I'm sorry. You've said a lot of really mean things to me, and I can't just get over them and open myself up to you. It's gonna take more than those dimples of yours to make me forgive you, that is, if you even want my forgiveness.” She grabbed his hand off her cheek, held it for a moment, and then let it drop.

He watched her stand up and walk onto the stage, getting back into place and staring at him.

“Want me to sing it again?” She called out, fidgeting with the strings to his hoodie.

Harry stared at her for a moment, standing under the lights on the stage in his sweater, her blond hair in a messy bun, dark circles beneath her eyes from lack of sleep and stress, and her mouth turned down in sadness. But her eyes sparkled whenever she looked at him, and that alone made him think she never looked more beautiful than right now.

“Yes.” He said softly, “From the chorus, please.”

Lux gave a short nod, closed her eyes momentarily, took a deep breath and began to sing.

We could have had it all...”



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