Dark Side

Lux Gallagher is a contestant on The X Factor USA.
She thinks everything is going great for her, until the producers drop some news.

Everyone is getting their own celebrity mentor for the live shows.

Lux is excited, until she finds out her mentor is an obnoxious, pompous jerk.
Not only does he think he's God's Gift to women, he's in a boy band to top it off.
Will their constant arguing and fueding ruin her chances on the show?
Will their dark sides tear each other apart and destroy one another?

Find out who wins this war in Dark Side.


11. Ice



There was a little party that night in celebration of how good the first show went, and just so everyone would be together before four acts get eliminated tomorrow. Lux couldn't wrap her head around it. Four acts, taking them from 16 down to 12, it was insane, but it was necessary.

Everyone was buzzing, talking about which act they thought did the best, and Lux smiled every time she heard someone mention her name. She thought that one of the over 30s, Jessica, did the best that night, her rendition of a Beyonce song was done beautifully.

Lux stayed with the contestants for a while, but felt distant from them the entire time so she decided to grab some food and go up to bed. She was just dying to get her shoes off.

As she entered the dining room, she spotted Harry sitting by himself, wearing headphones over his hat, emerged in the music. She ignored him as she walked through the dining room to the kitchen, entering and going to the freezer, grabbing a pint of Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and a spoon. She was just about to leave when she retreated, grabbing a second spoon, and then heading back to the dining room. She sat next to Harry, watching him slowly glance up at her, and she handed him the extra spoon she brought.

He tried to hide his smile, watching her open the ice cream and dig in, kicking her shoes off. She sighed in content, slouching down in the chair and looking over at Harry as she swallowed.

She looked up just in time to watch him lick his spoon, and it was one of those moments that she wished came in slow motion because it looked so good. Her body was buzzing still, but now it was for different reasons, Harry related reasons. She hated to admit that.

Okay, she hates the guy, or at least dislikes him a lot, but that doesn't make him any less sexy. He's a whole lot of sexy, and he would have to be a murderer or a rapist in order for her to find him unattractive. Being a bit of an asshole makes him even hotter than he actually is, honestly.

Lux stood up with her spoon in her mouth, removing her blazer so she was just in her dress now, and then she moved behind Harry, removing his headphones.

“Whatcha listening to?” She asked, before putting them over her ears and hearing...Harry?

“You listen to yourself?” She laughed, watching him shrug and nod. He continued to stare up at her, eating her ice cream as she listened to the song that was playing. It was like pop heaven.

“I might actually have to buy your album. You guys sound like..” She paused, tilting her head. “Like if the Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers had a love child and it came out British.”

Harry chuckled, hanging his headphones around his neck, still licking that goddamn spoon. She had a quick thought that she wished he were licking her that way, but as soon as she thought it she frowned, shaking it out of her. No, she won't allow this. No.

Lux hopped up onto the table in front of him, perching on the edge and scooping up some ice cream, bringing it to her mouth. As she did, a little bit dripped onto her bare thigh, close to her knee. Harry saw it happen too, and he swiped it up with his pointer finger, sucking it off after. Her eyelids dropped and she looked down at her leg where he just touched, feeling that spot burn with an unfortunate amount of desire. It was slowly creeping up her thigh, trying to take over her entire body and then her brain. She wouldn't let it though, she couldn't let that happen.

She jumped off the table, grabbing her blazer and shoes and running out of the room without another word, leaving her spoon stuck in the ice cream carton. Harry watched her in confusion, wondering what the hell made her run off like that, wondering if it was something he did. He put the ice cream away, taking a quick second to scribble “Harry + Lux” onto it so nobody else ate it and got their germs, and then he headed upstairs. He was heading in the direction of his room, but made a quick decision to stop by Lux's room and make sure she was alright.

He walked up to her door, knowing she was all alone in there, he slowly pushed it open, waiting for her to begin yelling at him to get out. She didn't. Harry could hear a soft noise, like a cell phone buzzing, and he quietly crept into her room, wondering if she was already asleep.

Just before he moved out to where Lux would be able to see him, he heard her make a noise. It was either a groaning in pain noise, or it was a moaning in pleasure noise, and judging from the “buzzing” he heard before, he was going to go with the latter.

Oh, god. He thought to himself, quickly turning to leave as silently as he could.

“Harry..” He heard her whisper, her voice all light and breathy. He turned around, expecting to see her standing there, but she wasn't. She was still in bed.

OH MY GOD, Harry's mind screamed at him, and a large, smug smile grew on his face. He covered his mouth with his hands in order to hold back his laughter at hearing this, but at the same time, he wanted to jump up and down with joy. He was flattered more than anything, he wasn't really creeped out by it at all, just wanted to hear more.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Harry jumped when Lux threw something against the wall, and judging by the cancellation of the buzzing, he figured it was her vibrator. She was whispering to herself, cursing and repeating, “What are you doing? Stop.”

His smile fell, and he waited to hear more, but he didn't. Instead, he found himself stepping more toward her bed, and nearly running right into her as she was turning the corner.

Lux screamed. Harry yelled when she screamed, and then Lux looked down at herself, realizing she was only in underwear and a bra. She folded her arms across her chest, her jaw clenching as she began to look and feel extremely uncomfortable.

“How.. how long have you been standing there?” She whispered, unable to look into his eyes.

“Long enough to hear you moaning my name.” Harry laughed at her, watching her eyes widen as she looked up at him. He saw tears brimming her eyes and as she turned, rushing into the bathroom and slamming the door, he realized that she actually expected him to lie and spare her of this embarrassment.

They must have been getting too close for comfort, because that wasn't Harry at all and she should know that by now. Obviously, he's been letting his guard down too often around Lux, making her think that there was some kind of good in him when there isn't. There used to be, but it's gone now.

“I'm always going to hurt you in the end, Lux.” He whispered, knowing she couldn't hear him, but still needing to say it aloud. He briefly thought about saying something to her, but even if he did, it would only make things worse. If he comforts her, she thinks everything is okay and that Harry is different. If he mocks her some more, he scars her for life and makes things awkward between them for the rest of this competition. It's better to just leave it and hope that tomorrow, all of this will be behind them.

Lux could hear the door shut as he left her room, but she didn't move from her bathroom floor where she was curled up, letting her tears run their course. This was her own fault. She knows Harry, she knows all the terrible parts of him, and she thought he was better just from a few glimpses of his good side? Yeah, right. Harry will never be good to her, he's proven that time and time again.

That still didn't stop the feelings inside of her that stir when she sees him, and she hates that she gets that whole 'I want to fix you' feeling around him. She doesn't want to be one of those girls, thinking they can fix all the damaged and broken boys in the world, especially because he probably isn't even broken, he's most likely just a masochist.

But no matter how much Lux tells herself this, it doesn't change the fact that she's looked into those horribly beautiful eyes, and she's seen the pain that he tries to hide. She's seen the layer of frost he wears to keep his heart cold, to keep him from feeling anything for anyone. She wants so badly to fix him, to make him turn back to the way he was before something or someone put ice around his heart.

It's just too bad Lux isn't the kind of girl that comes with a defroster.



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