Dark Side

Lux Gallagher is a contestant on The X Factor USA.
She thinks everything is going great for her, until the producers drop some news.

Everyone is getting their own celebrity mentor for the live shows.

Lux is excited, until she finds out her mentor is an obnoxious, pompous jerk.
Not only does he think he's God's Gift to women, he's in a boy band to top it off.
Will their constant arguing and fueding ruin her chances on the show?
Will their dark sides tear each other apart and destroy one another?

Find out who wins this war in Dark Side.


10. Down



Lux was freaking out, pacing back and forth backstage, her hands shaking with a fierceness that scared her. Her stomach was fluttering around so much that she felt as if she would be sick any moment, and the producers made sure to put an empty trash can in her room in case she doesn't make it to the bathroom in time. A lot of contestants request water or fruit backstage, but not Lux, she just wants a puke bucket. Cute, right?

She glanced up at one of the monitors backstage to see how the show was progressing, and when she realized that she would be up after the next commercial break, she felt her stomach lurch upwards.

“Don't throw up. Please, please, please.” She whispered to herself, sitting down and burying her head between her knees, continuing to whisper that mantra.

Harry was sent for, the producers hoping that he could calm her down or give her a pep talk that they could catch live on camera. She didn't really feel up to seeing him though, wondering if he would make fun of her for being nervous. If he did, she would kick him. How's that for live television!

“Sweet che-..” Harry's voice trailed off as he entered the room, watching her look up at him slowly. His lips parted slowly and he lost all concentration on what he was going to say to her.

She had on a short, strapless dress that was black on top, gold and black striped on the bottom, with a black blazer thrown over it, the sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her shoes were black booties with black spikes, actual sharp spikes, coming out of the back. Her blond hair was curled softly and all pushed to one side, gold and black earrings dangling down her long neck. He stared at her dark, kohl-rimmed eyes and felt his heart begin to beat faster at the sight of her. She looked like a gorgeous, badass version of the Lux he knows. He could barely believe it was her standing before him.

“If you're gonna say something mean, can you save it for after the show? Because I'm going to throw up.” Lux said, standing up slowly and scrunching her eyebrows together.

Harry gulped, watching her. “I wasn't going to..wait, you're sick?”

“No, I'm nervous!” She said, taking deep breaths. “Did you feel like this?”

He smiled, “I still do sometimes. Trust me, love, once you hit that stage everything will be better. Adrenaline will hit you and you'll forget all about your nerves.”

He walked to her and pressed his hands against her shoulders, squeezing lightly. “In the meantime, I have an idea that might help you forget your nerves. We have about 4 minutes to do it.”

“Does it involve your penis? Because for some reason, I have a feeling it does.” Lux raised an eyebrow.

“Ok, forget my ideas.” He waved his hands, and Lux smacked him on the arm, laughing.

“Lux, you're up after this segment.” A stagehand poked his head in, waiting for her to nod in acknowledgment before he disappeared. Lux sighed heavily, looking over at Harry, finding herself nearly as tall as him again in her heels.

“Lux is going to win.” She heard Harry's voice tune in on the television, and she realized they were playing a short segment of her before she sings. She turned to look and saw Harry on the tv, smiling brightly, dimples and all. He looked like a teenage girl's wet dream.

“She's fantastic, really, her voice is beautiful but it's not only that, it's the way she makes every song her own. She's unique, and being, umm, really hot... that, yeah, that helps.” He ran a hand through his curls, laughing nervously. “She hates me though.”

“I hate Harry.” Lux's voice came on, and it cued to her sitting next to Harry, glancing at him.

“He smells.”

Good.” Harry added, “He smells good.”

“Bad.” She shook her head, “Terrible.”

They stared at each other for a second, both trying not to smile. Harry started to laugh, unable to hold it back, reaching over and ruffling her hair up. Lux swatted at his hands. It cut to another quick clip of Harry reaching over and pulling on her hair, and she reached back to smack him. Then it cut again, showing them smacking each other back and forth, laughing.

“Wow, it actually looks like we get along.” Lux laughed, looking back at Harry, who nodded in agreement. They were actually serious fighting, arguing the entire interview and adding random laughter and smiles into it so that nobody suspected their hatred for one another.

“Lux!” Someone was calling, and she sucked in a breath, rushing out the door and over to the stagehand holding her microphone. She went to the side of the stage, pausing before she went out into position, feeling someone grab her hand from behind and squeeze.

“You'll do great. I'll be right here.” Harry whispered into her ear, giving her butt a tiny pat as she walked out. She turned to look at him briefly before her name was announced and the spotlight hit her.

Harry felt rather proud as he watched her performance, something he wasn't expecting to feel. Lux was absolutely killing it, her voice was spot on and she looked like she belonged on that stage. When it was over, Harry was the first one to start clapping and he did so with a great amount of enthusiasm, whistling and yelling as the audience did. Lux looked over at the side stage at one point, catching his eye, and she smiled when she saw him still there, clapping wildly.

After listening to the judges critique her work and praise her originality, she came backstage and before Harry could do something stupid, like hug her, his mates and the other contestants swooped in and did it. She squealed and laughed as she hugged them all, looking happier than Harry's ever seen her. She didn't look at him once, so he decided to take that as his cue to step away quietly.

Harry is the last person she needs to see, because he knows he'll just bring her down.


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