Dark Side

Lux Gallagher is a contestant on The X Factor USA.
She thinks everything is going great for her, until the producers drop some news.

Everyone is getting their own celebrity mentor for the live shows.

Lux is excited, until she finds out her mentor is an obnoxious, pompous jerk.
Not only does he think he's God's Gift to women, he's in a boy band to top it off.
Will their constant arguing and fueding ruin her chances on the show?
Will their dark sides tear each other apart and destroy one another?

Find out who wins this war in Dark Side.


13. Closer



Lux was about to walk up the stairs and begin pacing, wondering what the hell almost just happened, when two arms reached out and snatched her into the bathroom across the hall from the studio.

It was dark, so she reached up and felt the face of whoever was standing before her. Her fingers touched hair, and all she felt were silky curls. Her knees felt weak, and Harry pinned her against the bathroom door, his hands pressed back to their previous spots on her hips, under her shirt.

“I don't want you to fall in love with me.” He whispered sternly, his forehead falling down against hers, and she felt her breath quicken as she wondered how close his lips were to hers.

“That won't be a problem, considering Asshole isn't my type.” She stood on the tips of her toes, leaning her face upward until their noses were touching. Lux smiled lightly, and then instead of leaning up and kissing him, she leaned up and took his bottom lip between her teeth.

Harry sucked in a sharp breath, feeling her tug lightly on his lip with her teeth before releasing it. He was shaking all over, moving in and pressing his body to hers tightly. Before either of them could change their minds, he leaned down and lightly touched his lips to hers.

She fell into the kiss fluidly, reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck and pull his lips in tighter. Lux felt her whole body pulse with unthinkable desire for him, and by the way his tongue was already slipping between her lips, she assumed he felt the same desire.

His lips were as soft as they looked, tasting like the minty gum he had been chewing on, but the thing that turned her on the most were his hands. They were pressing into her skin firmly, holding her to him tightly, and his fingertips were making tiny circles into her skin. It was such little gestures that made her want him more and more.

She groaned in pleasure against his mouth when he gently pressed his hips against hers, and she could feel the bulge beneath his pants already. Lux moved her fingers through his hair, tugging lightly as his lips massaged against hers, with her occasionally nibbling on his lip. He moaned every time she did.

Then, the strangest thing happened. Lux began to feel that flutter of the heart and the stomach again, and the more Harry kissed her, the more intense that fluttering became. It got to the point where it was so intense that she felt her body turn into jello, and Harry had to hold her up against the wall with his body so she wouldn't drop to her knees.

I don't care about you...”

Lux snapped back from him, banging her head against the wall behind her and gasping in pain.

“What's wrong?” Harry asked, flicking the light on, watching her blink as her eyes adjusted.

“No.” She whispered, sticking her hand out when he tried to step over to her. “This.. this isn't me.”

“What?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. God, he's beautiful.

“I don't make out with 17 year olds who don't care about me in dark bathrooms!” Lux said, shaking her head and running her fingers through her hair.

Harry's curls were wild from her fingers being in them just seconds before, and it made him look almost childish, especially with his red puffy lips and flushed cheeks. He looked like a child who just got done crying.

“Why do you have to say it like that?” He huffed, his face turning mean and cold again.

“What? Say it like what??” Her voice was beginning to get raspy, probably from all the yelling earlier.

“Why do you have to add my age in there? What does my age have to do with it? You said you weren't going to treat me like a child, and yet here you are, using my age as a reason to stop kissing me.” He was trying not to yell, she could tell, but his eyes were dark and scary.

“I'm... sorry...” She said slowly, shaking her head. “I didn't realize that it bothered you so much.”

“Well, it does!” He snapped, stepping further away from her than he already was.

“But Harry,” She paused, licking her lips quickly. “If you don't care about me, then why do you care what I say? Or what I think about you?”

“I-.. I don't..” He stumbled over his words, his eyes going slightly wide.

“You're being a hypocrite.” She said softly, sighing and turning to open the door and leave.

“Lux!” He grabbed her arm, but she shook free of it and turned to look at him slowly.

“This,” She gestured from him to herself. “Never happened.”

“Of course it didn't. I don't want people thinking about how desperate I must be if I'm making out with you.” He scoffed, shoving past her and leaving the room before she could.

Lux's heart fell into her stomach as she stood in the hallway and watched him walk up the stairs. When he got to the top stair, he glanced back and met her eyes, seeing the shocked look on her face. He felt a pain in his chest as he looked into her sad eyes, knowing he caused that heartbroken look on her face.

He swallowed harshly, forcing himself to look away from her, feeling the pain in his chest grow worse with every step away from her that he took. Harry tried to blame the pain on something else, but deep down, he knew that it was because Lux had tightened her small fist over his heart and was pulling him closer, closer, closer until it was hers.


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