Annoyances in my life

Okay, so basically this is like my diary of things i find to be bullshit, and highly annoying. You may be able to relate to it. You may not. The only reason im writing this is because i need to vent my anger before i explode. Enjoy my bullshitty life.


5. This is gonna be a short one.

Dear diary,

There are many things that pop into my head when I think of stress. School, Friends, Boys....But the one thing that pops into my mind first is drama. drama in general creates a ton of stress for me. What includes drama? well rumors do. thats for sure. rumors irritate the crap outta me. 

I was on xbox talking to my ex boyfriend. we are kinda friends now... i guess...Well anyways we were talking and he was tlkainf about how i gad recently dyed part of my hair purple. Im kinda scene (not emo!!) and i wanted to dye my hair. well yanno he satrting saying shit like, you copied cheyennes hair (who is my best friend and also scene) and your hair looks stupid. My ex should know not to insult me because he knows what happens. complete hell breaks loose. I didnt say anything to him and just left his xbox party and started talking to my friend shelby. well.. the next day a bunch of people were saying bad crap about my hair and insulting me about it. 


in return to my ex starting the rumor i did one thing, punched him in the face.

moral of this entry, dont insult me to my face. behind my back, go for it. but not to my face

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