Annoyances in my life

Okay, so basically this is like my diary of things i find to be bullshit, and highly annoying. You may be able to relate to it. You may not. The only reason im writing this is because i need to vent my anger before i explode. Enjoy my bullshitty life.


3. Racists

Dear diary,
I go to a school that has many black people. I am a white person. I don not enjoy being called a "crakka" by these black people in my school. Well I'm so damn sorry that i am caucasian. Would you like to me to call you a "nigga" every time i see someone that is of your race? What about someone who is mixed? Should i perhaps call them a "nikka?" Or perhaps a "crigga" would that make you feel better? This isn't just about african american people although. Oh no. This is about white people as well. White people especially. Just because somebody is black doesn't mean anything guys. Oh cool. Im canadian. Are you going to talk crap about me because of that? Don't think so. Unless your a real low life. Girls in my school are just so rcist towards black people. I think they are jealous though. African american girls grow larger boobs and bottoms. Is that a crime girls? I don't think so Darlin' your probably just jealous that they have larger items then you. I know this is a very short entry. But i cant think of anyway to stretch this out today. Fucking people need to stop being so damn racist. We all live peacefully together here on earth. Learn to fucking live with it. Fucking racist people... They piss me off yanno?
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