Annoyances in my life

Okay, so basically this is like my diary of things i find to be bullshit, and highly annoying. You may be able to relate to it. You may not. The only reason im writing this is because i need to vent my anger before i explode. Enjoy my bullshitty life.


2. More backstabbers, liars, and dramatic girls

Dear diary,
Id love to point something out about me. I am a gamer. Not the kind of girl that you find playing fashion dress up on gamer. No. Im talking gamer-gamer. The kind you tind on xbox 24-7. Playing call of duty, terminator, and minecraft, with a headset on her head. Im not sure why i enjoy xbox. Because most girls would despise it completely. But i believe its because of the boys on there. I swear im not trying to be a slut here. But if you havent noticed in life, guys dont start drama, lie to you, talk crap about you, or steal your boyfriends... Unless of course they are secretly gay, then that could be a possibility. Guys are laid back as hell. They let you do whatever you want with you life saying," go ahead, its your life, im not stopping you" i have way more male friends than female because of these things. I have a handful of female friends. This entry next, is a perfect example why. As i had said, i just started middle school, i am in seventh grade. In the first quarter of the school year, (right now is the second) i sat at a table with a bunch of girls. Only three of them i actually knew though. And all of the only four of us sat at one end of the table away from the others. In our group of four, there was, kiley-a very short girl who is skinny. Maria-a bigger girl with large breasts, and a large bum, and ughh... Rose-a super super skinny girl who "had diabetes and was an orphan until the age of nine, now her family abuses her".... Yea... One day at our school we had things called speed days where we got out early and walked to resturaunts to eat lunch. It was my very first speedday and rose and i planned to walk up to get pizza together at a local pizzeria. She came by my locker after school, and said ill meet uou put front as i was gathering my things. I went out front and waited... And waited.,. And waited... Finally there was only ten people left in fromt of the school. I walked up to a seventh grade girl whom was crying. And asked her, were you ditched too? Sje replied with whimpers in between," yea... My boyfriend ditched me for that slutty lily girl...who ditched you?" Of course... Lily.." Rose witchner" i replied.." Oh rose? I saw her go with lily too... A bunch of people got dirched for lily" once again of course... I called my mom to come pick me up... And i waited there at my school all in all a total of forty five minutes. The next day at school... I was fucking pissed... Especially when i saw pictures on facebook of rose and lily now bffs eating pizza and hanging out wih a bunch of people... I was ready to fuckimg slap a bitch... Or two... Two was fucking good... At lunch the next day i went and sat at our usual table purposly sitting across from rose... My friends kiley and maria went up to get there food and left rose and i alone... Together... Not a good i dea when you wanna slap the bitch... As soon as they left though... Rose jumped right into conversation with me acting like nothing at all happend between us... The conversation which was only one sided because i wasnt even tlking, she was, was all about maria and kiley... She called kiley anorexic and called maria fat and ugly... When they came back and i went up for my food... I returned to find kiley crying and a punch headed in my direction from maria... Maria was a big girl and my beat fiend and i didnt want to fight her... Let alone fight her whithout a reason to..." Why dont you call me a fatass to my face you bitch!!" She yelled at me " why are you calling kiley anorexic you slut? You know its not her fault!!" Another punch flew at me and this time i was struck down. I heard rose yell just tell them what you were saying about them brielle!! Just tell them!! I was fucking pissed... I didnt even want to fight maria... Or kiley... I walked right past them and looked rose right in the eye... Hate me all you fucking want bitch for god only knows what reason... But just so you know... Lily probably slept with your boyrfriend.. And i wouldnt doubt if she did with your brother too... She looked at me with her cold bitchy eyes and before she could say anything i punched her square in the nose... Square in the face... Square in her dignity... I jad just then realized that the wntire lunch room was looking at me. Two twachers came in and escorted all four of us to the principles office where i discovered that eose had lied avout everything when i brought it up to our principle saying tht perhaps she was acting like this because of her diabetes and her bad living enviorment at home. Our principle said she didnt have diabetes and she didnt have a bad living enviorment. In fact her dad worked at for and they had alot of money. I wasnt all that shocked. Shes a compulsive liar. Basically... To wrap this up... I fucking hate backstabbers, liars, and dramatic girls...
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