Annoyances in my life

Okay, so basically this is like my diary of things i find to be bullshit, and highly annoying. You may be able to relate to it. You may not. The only reason im writing this is because i need to vent my anger before i explode. Enjoy my bullshitty life.


4. Guess who's back, back again.

dear diary, 

I had a boyfriend this school year. I am not saying his name because i basically hate his guts. Anyways,we broke up over winter break. And as soon as we broke up...well...he wanted nothing to do with me (even though HE broke up with ME. he said that he didn't want to ever talk to me again. And that, he better not see me at his lunch table once break is over.

My school has a thing where you have to stay at the same table for the entire quarter. Then, you can move to a different table when the quarter ends. Well since we broke up before the quarter ended...I am supposed to be sitting at his table still. but that WILL NOT happen. soooo....i broke the rules (ooooohhhhh!!! BADASS)

I asked my friend Haley if i can sit at her table because we had broken up. Haley said, "Of course!" So the next Monday, I walked with Haley to sit at her table. Well guess who sits at her table as well...take one guess...i dare you...i bet the title of this entry REALLY gave it away...


Why God why??!?! 

As i sat down at her table...oh Lord...Rose gave me the dirtiest look ever...and plainly without hesitation said,"Why the Hell are you here?" My god Rose..could you get any more irritating??

Haley looked at Rose, looked at me, and said,"Well i see you guys know each other.."

"yeah...yeah we do..." I replied calmly.

I kept my frustration hidden. Rose did the opposite. She plain as day sowed how much she hated me.

Everyday I would sit at that table, and everyday there were dirty looks from her. but she never talked to me...never...pretended i wasn't there when she was talking.

One day i went up to get my lunch, and when i came back...Rose wasn't at our table... Haley just looked at me and said,"yah know Rose hates your guts right? She talked so much shit about you while you were gone. She was all,she shouldn't be here...she should get into trouble. I'm going to tell. I don't want her here..the table isn't fun anymore.." okay..I barely talked at that table...and somehow when I'm not there the table isn't fun? yeah okay...sure honey..whatever floats your ugly ass goat..

Rose came back ten minutes later with the school principle...oh Lord..."that's Brielle... that's the girl who left her table and shouldn't be sitting here!"

our principle looked at me and said, "Is this true Brielle?"

I had nothing to lose?? "Yeah..I'm supposed to be at table six...i'm sorry...but...I was sitting there with my friends and we got into a huge fight..and...and..I didn't feel comfortable sitting there anymore...but can I please just sit here until the end of the quarter? It's only two more weeks."

Rose just looked at me. She couldn't believe what I had said.

Our principle looked at me with sympathy,"oh sure. It wouldn't hurt. Now you," She looked at Rose.

"yes?" Rose replied with her fake ass innocent voice.

"you are Rose right? You are supposed to be at table four. And you have lunch detention."

Rose just looked at her," I'm sor-"

"no no. Don't try to pull the innocent card on me young lady."

"but Brie-"

"ROSE. lunch detention. now."

Rose looked at me, and as she walked away, turned and flicked me off.

Our principle caught her.

She got another detention.

I'm sorry about this not being like my normal entry...but this really pissed me off..frikken Rose...hypocrite...ugh..i hate her...

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