Annoyances in my life

Okay, so basically this is like my diary of things i find to be bullshit, and highly annoying. You may be able to relate to it. You may not. The only reason im writing this is because i need to vent my anger before i explode. Enjoy my bullshitty life.


1. Backstabbers, liars, and dramatic girls

Dear diary,
Im in seventh grade. I just started middle school, and im already planning my murders. I dont belive i should be this early in life. I believe many evil masterminds come about their evil ways later on, perhaps in their twentys or thirtys? But certainly not in their teens. The person i want to murder, and absolutely hate, i am changing their name, just for the fact that i gag at their name. So, lets call her lily. In fifth grade, lily was the prettiest, most popular girl in our grade. I on the other hand, was no where close. I was a nobody and absolutely dreadful looking. Boys ran. Puberty i give a thumbs up to though, it has improved me much, much more. How i became best friends with lily is far beyond me though. As we were nothing alike. She a mature looking blonde, always took the spotlight. I following her around and helping her with her work, (i was very smart, her...not so much) always giving her advice when she needed it. One day, during class... A boy whom sat next to me passed me a note, saying hi... I think your very pretty. Will you go out woth me? His name, lets say, was brandon. I hadnt really liked brandon much at all. But a boy actually liked me! I ran to lily at recess. Eager to tell me bff who knows all about boys what had happend. She said to say yes. So i did. Brandon and i had been dating for two weeks, when i saw lily and brandon hug during recess. I went up to him said hey, and he looked at lily, looked at me, lily smiled, and he kissed her on the cheek. I couldnt believe her. My best friend. My boyfriend. My FIRST boyfriend. He then said we need to break up. Lily and brandon dated for almost two months when she cheated on him. Somehow though, we were still bestfriends, i gave into her dramatic show, and felt sorry for her. After brandon, in sixth grade, i dated a boy named george. My second boyfriend. We dated for a few weeks when i found out, once again that he had cheated on me with lily. I forgave her, AGAIN and we were still bffs. A week after the george incident, the rumors started going around about me, saying i was homeless, gross, igly, revolting, rude, had been to juvy, got into fights, slept with people, a slut, a whore, a horrible mean dishusting vile creature who shouldnt even breathe!!! None was true! NONE!! But it all went around and around until i found out who was the base of the rumors. Lily. I never forgave her. Never. After we stopped talking the rumors got worse but i ignored. I tried at least. One day, in sixth grade, i snapped at recess. I had been sitting next to my best friend liam on the grass when lily walked by, looked at liam and i and kicked dirt in our face. Then proceeded to walk away saying, slut. Liam looked at me and i collapsed. I broke out crying into his arm. All the rest of recess i cried and cried. The bell rang to go in and we stayed out there. Him hugging me and comforting me. My teacher came out side fifteen minutes later to look for me and found that i had cried myself to sleep on his shoulder. His still sitting there. Hugging me. Comforting me. I was taken home. And lily suspended for a day. Liam and i ended up daring for four months. Lily came by, obviously she took him away. He is still my best friend. He tells lily not to be mean to me. Ever since she took him away, she hasnt been mean to me. But as soon as they break up... I know it will start again. I didnt mean for this to become a bullying story. Honestly i didnt. But backstabber, liars, and dramatic girls get me fucking pissed. And i had to let this out. More will come soon about idiotic fucking people.
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