Liam Payne is a pain

Christina Wills and her boyfriend Liam Payne have been together for a year and a half now, they love each other, but what will happen when she finds out her so called loving, loyal, trustworthy boyfriend Liam is cheating on her... Will she stay it will she leave.??Find out and read it!


1. My life.

I grew up in a small town in London. We moved around all the time because of my dad and his work. When we finally settled down into a nice house I started going to high school over here where they had to wear uniforms. It was my first day at that school so I was clueless. As I started walking I ran into a slightly tall brown eye boy who helped me off my bum as I fell on it. He looked at me worried," are you okay love?" " ya I'm fine. Sorry I'm just a chicken with it head cut off today." He looked at me funny and said," what?" I laughed " never mind" " are you new here. I haven't see you around." I smiled and nodded yes as he turned to close his locker and offered to help me get around to classes so I accepted it and he walked me to my next class. When we finally got there he whispered," if you need any other help finding classes you know where to bump into me at." He chuckled as I finally realized the joke he layed out there. I smirked and waved as he ran to his class.. That's how I met the guy I loved today. And could never think bad of him because everytime I did I realized why I wanted him and needed him more.
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