Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


9. New Year, New Chance



I pulled on my cute sparkly gold micro mini, which landed half-way down my toned thighs. After the ten pounds I gained at Christmas time, I went on a ten day cleanse with Eleanor and weighed even less than I did before. Then I pulled a nevy cardigan on and paired it with some sparkly gold heels, giving my bum a boost. My hair was curled in a waterfall down my back, and I had on dramatic smokey eye makeup. I hoped Niall wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off me. Maybe we would kiss at midnight.


"Who am I kidding?" I whispered to myself. Niall was beyond not interested. I grabbed my gold sparkly clutch (I was feeling very sparkly if you hadn't noticed) and tucked my iPhone inside before heading out across the street. The Tomlinson's were hosting a New Years Eve party, and my family wouldn't be attending (as usual, they were being anti-social.)


"Daisy! You look amazing!" Louis grinned, opening the door wide. I giggled and blew him a kiss before stepping inside. My house was huge, but the Tomlinson's was huger. The place was packed, teenagers in the living room and den, a few in the kitchen, and the rest of the families were in the sitting room upstairs playing charades (lame.) "Niall's in there, chatting with Eleanor." Louis winked and pointed through to the window-walled den, where Eleanor and Niall were indeed chatting by the snack table. I grinned at Louis and followed him through the crowd, waving and grinning until I finally peeked into the den.


"Hey!" I put on my best smile and pulled Eleanor in for a hug. She grinned and looked me up and down, an impressed look on her face.


"Damn, girl! You clean up wellllll." She said in an American accent. I snorted and eyed her outfit. She was wearing a tight black skirt and a flowy, sheer white top with studs and a neon yellow bandeau.



"You don't look so bad yourself. And I love your heels!" Eleanor was wearing black tights and heels, which, paired with the tight black skirt, made her legs look miles long. She blushed and waved me off, grabbing Louis' hand and pulling him to the dancefloor.


"Hey, Daisy." Niall said, giving me a squeeze. I blushed and prayed that he thought I looked good too. His hair was a little longer than before, and instead of gelling it up, he had taken to messing it up and shaking it across his forehead. He actually looked really handsome that way, almost effortlessly cute. "You look really, really fit." Niall blushed and I slapped his arm with my bag.


"Thanks! Done snacking yet?" I teased, poking his stomach. Niall chuckled.


"I'll never really be done snacking, but I can take breaks." He joked, and without a word he grabbed and pulled me with him out on the dancefloor. I dropped my clutch on an empty table and immediatly we were dancing the way we did at Christmas, his hands low on my hip bones and my fingers slipped through his, swaying to another Katy Perry track. Man, this girl was everywhere.


The songs didn't seem long enough, not that it mattered. Niall and I never stopped dancing. Finally, the music slowed down and I turned around, Niall's arms snaking around my waist. I pressed my hands to his chest and my face in his neck, feeling his slow heart beat. He rested his head in my hair, twisting one of my curls with his fingers.


"One hour until midnight!" Louis shouted from his perch on the coffee table. He hopped down and grabbed a giggling Eleanor, spinng her around before pulling her to him and dancing slowly.




"One hour until midnight!" Louis shouted over the music and chatter. I twisted one of Daisy's curls around my finger over and over again, tuning out the slow Michael Buble song. I wondered if I should kiss her at midnight, if she would kiss me back, if she liked me back.


The music sped up again, but I wasn't really in the mood to dance. The worry was eating me alive. I grabbed Daisy's hand and pulled her with me up the stairs, taking the familiar route to Louis' bedroom. She raised her eyebrows when I pushed the door open and flicked on the light.


"What exactly were your plans for the night?" She asked, crossing her arms. I shook my head and laughed lightly.


"That's not what we're doing here. I just didn't feel like dancing, I wanted to spend time with you where it's not insanely loud." I flopped down on Louis' bed and after a moment Daisy flopped down next to me.


"I see." She replied, kicking her heels off and tucking her feet under the covers. I did the same, and reached out to flick on the TV. I stopped channel surfing when it got to Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


"I love this show." I breathed. Daisy laughed and nodded, curling up in my side. I wrapped my arm around her, and she pressed her head into my chest, watching the TV in silence.


Two episodes played before there was any outside noise, which arrived when Louis ran up and down the upstairs hall screaming, "Five minutes! Five minutes until midnight!" Daisy yawned and stretched her arms over her head. I sat up, faking a yawn as I slipped on my shoes.


"I guess we should go back." Daisy stated, pulling her heels on and rolling her ankles. I nodded and slowly got to my feet, waiting for Daisy by the door. She fixed her hair and walked through the open door, taking my hand and pulling me with her.


"One minute!" Eleanor shouted at us as we appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Daisy giggled and we joined everyone in the living room.


"Gona kiss anyone?" Daisy shouted in my ear. My heart sped up, and I shrugged. She raised her eyebrows. "Don't be a spoil sport! We all know there's someone you wanna kiss! Go for it! It's not like she could reject you now!" Daisy reasoned. I shrugged.


"The thing is, she really could. I mean, she probably doesn't like me back. I could totally humiliate myself." I shouted at her. Daisy laughed, throwing her head back.


"Or she likes you back and you don't humiliate yourself, because you end up happy and in love, like the fairytales." Daisy shouted in reply. "I say you go for it. Go find her."


I stared at my shoes. "I guess so."


"You guess so as in you'll do it?"


"I guess so as in... I'll do it." I said after a moment. Daisy grinned at me, her blue eyes twinkling.


"Go find her! Get ready! You can do this, Niall. Nothing would make me happier than seeing you win the girl of your dreams."


"Promise?" My heart was literally pounding out of my chest.


"I promise!" Daisy shouted over the crowd of people counting back from ten. Ten more seconds until I totally ruined my friendship with Daisy. "What are you doing? Go find her!" Daisy shouted, pushing my arm lightly. I didn't respond, I just stared at her. And as the clock landed on one, realisation flickered in her eyes.

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