Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


2. It's A New Day



"How did things go?" Louis asked when I hopped in his car the next morning.


"Well, I cleared things up with Harry, and I spoke to Niall. But I didn't exactly follow the plan we made." I told Louis about what had happened last night. The odd thing was, I kind of liked just being friends with Niall. Yes, I had a massive crush on him, but I sort of liked just having Niall back for now. Things shouldn't be so rushed like they always were nowadays.


"Oh, come off it, Daze!" Louis said, slapping my arm as he pulled into his parking spot. I giggled and hit him back.


"I can be old fashioned still! Are you excited for tonight? And do you and Eleanor want to come to dinner with Niall and I?" I shot question after question at Louis, who got exasperated and slapped a hand over my mouth.


"Shutup! Yes, and no. Eleanor and I made our own plans, so you and Niall are on your own. Do you think if I talk to him we can forget about the whole fight and ditching me for co-captain?" Louis dropped his hand off my mouth so I could answer.


"Well, I figure we have the old Niall back, the one that didn't get into fights and stuff. So probably." I was interrupted by Niall jogging over, a huge grin on his face.


"Daisy, Louis!" He said brightly. I gave him and huge smile and watched everything play out. Niall gave Louis a hug and told him he wanted to start over. Unfortunately, Niall barely was hanging on as captain after the stunt he pulled last week, so he couldn't make Louis co. But it was sweet, watching the two best friends hug it out. First bell rang and Niall pulled me with him to English, talking on and on about his phone call with Greg last night. Welcome back, Nialler.




"Niall! How are you!" Daddy asked from the front room. I heard Daddy and Niall chatting while I straightened my clothes. I had based my look off of Samantha's best friend in Sixteen Candles, and I was wearing a short jean skirt and oversized jean vest with a pale pink shirt and lots of pearls. I had net tights on and crew socks with my white Keds. I pulled my mum's purse that she had in high school over my shoulder and touched my tall, curly hair that Mum had done.


"You look... weird." Tyler said, walking to the front room.


"At least it's not permanent, unlike you." I called after him. Mum chortled and touched my shoulder.


"He's being a twelve year old boy. You look adorable, darling." Mummy kissed my head and handed over the pink lipstick she had applied to my lips. I giggled and put it in my purse.


"Thanks... I'm excited. I'll be back by eleven, I promise." I gave my mum a kiss back, and we walked out into the front hall. Niall was wearing the same clothes I had picked out, along with his hair all styled up and crew socks with his Converse. I giggled and grinned at him.


"Nice outfit." I said, and Niall blushed.


"Back atcha!" He grabbed my hand and shook my dad's hand. "She'll be back by eleven, sir." Niall said. Daddy gave me a kiss on the cheek and shooed us out the door.


"Nice tights." Niall teased, poking my bare skin through the netting. I slapped his hand away and we drove off to some diner near the school, which was surprisingly empty.


We plopped down at the counter, spinning around on our bar stools until a woman appeared, taking our order.


"I'll take a burger... and so will she. And two milkshakes." Niall said. Then he turned to me. "And for you?" My mouth dropped open. He was having all of that himself? I recovered and gave my order, asking for half of what he was getting. We joked around and ate our food, finishing by quarter past.


"Perfectly late." Niall said as we pulled into the parked carpark. There were packs of girls giggling and crossing the lot in actual eighty's clothes, and boys shouting bird calls at them. Niall and I hopped out of the car and stuck together as we crossed the lot.


"This looks exciting." I said, pushing through the doors into the gym. Niall and I blended in perfectly. He pulled me to the snack table and poored me some punch, and then we leaned against the wall, sipping and talking and looking around for our friends.


"Eleanor!" I squealed, running over to the tall, slim tan girl in a purple dress nearly identical to the one in Sixteen Candles.


"Daze! You look adorable!" She said, and I motioned Niall over while I talked to Jade and Leigh Anne.


"Louis and Liam are over there." Eleanor said, pointing out two boys in wind-breakers and light jeans, their hair messy. I giggled at how old-school they looked. Niall grinned at me before heading over, and I spent almost an hour dancing with the girls. When the music started to slow down, and the begining notes to Forever Young started up, I felt two hands grab me by the waist.


"Not you!" I teased, spinning around and putting my hands around Niall's neck. He laughed and I could see that his eyes were no longer dull, the say they had been yesterday.


"Don't be mean! Louis was showing me this ring he got Eleanor for her birthday. He's gona give it to her tonight. It's like a promise ring or something." Niall told me as we danced around. I sighed, a smile playing at my lips.


"That's so sweet! They really are perfect." I said to myself. It felt nice dancing with Niall, but also a little awkward. I had these feelings that he didn't know about. We were just friends, but like in the movies there were unrevealed one-sided feelings. The song stopped, but another slow song started. I could see Niall look over my shoulder, and then we started dancing away.


"Niall, where are we going?" I giggled as we not-so-slow danced across the gym. Finally we stopped when Niall rammed us into a wall, sending me into a fit of giggles. Niall shrugged, and looked away and back at me. I flicked his nose and we talked about random things for a while until the music sped up again. Niall yawned and checked his watch, which was even leather banded and retro.


"It's nearly ten. Want to go hang out for a while? It's pretty hot in here and I'm bored with dancing." Niall said. Before I could respond, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out into the car park with him. The dance didn't end until midnight, so we were the only ones outside. We laughed and swung our hands back and forth as we strolled over to Niall's car.


Niall hopped up onto the hood and reached his hands out. I laughed and took his hands, and he hoisted me up onto the hood with him. We would sound drunk to anyone who didn't know what carefree people we were, and I felt happiness jolt through my veins as I layed back on the windshield and looked at the stars.


"Did you know there are some places where you can't see the starts at night? Out in the city." Niall said. I put my hands behind my head and sighed.


"That would be the worst. No stars to wish on, only planes." I replied, searching for constellations. Niall pointed out the big dipper, but I couldn't see it.


"Look, tilt your head like this." Niall had moved over so his head was on my shoulder and he was adjusting my head with his hands. I tilted my head the way he said to. "And look a little towards those trees over there." Niall pointed to some trees. I directed my eyes a little, trying to slow my beating heart. "And now, look a little to the right. And you can see it." Niall instructed. I looked a little to the right and there it was.


"I can see it." I giggled. I had that giddy happiness you got as a little girl when you finally got the new doll you wanted. It was a stupid reacting, but it was true.


"It's nearly half past." Niall said, glancing at his watch and moving back to where he was sitting before. I traced my fingers back and forth over the smooth leather purse, the ridges of the thread.


"We have until eleven. This is nice, I haven't looked at the stars in a long time." I said quietly, tracing the little dipper over and over.


"Yeah. It kind of makes you change perspective, eh?" Niall finally replied, then sat up. "But it's also boring. How about a game of football?" He hopped off the hood and I sat up, looking around.


"Football? At ten thirty at night?" I speculated. Niall opened the side door and pulled out his ball, then lifted me off the hood and threw me over his shoulder. I bounced against his back as he carried me over to the field, and then flipped me over on the grass. I puffed out a breath of air when my back hit the ground.


"Get off your lazy ass!" Niall teased, quoting me. I laughed and got to my feet. Niall and I walked to center field, and I put the ball down, then signalled for me to do kick off. I kicked the ball and instantly Niall had it, dribbling down the field like lightning. I chased after him, screaming and shouting and trying to catch up. Niall shot the ball straight into the top right corner of the goal.


"No fair!" I screamed at him, jumping on his back. Niall laughed and flipped me over his shoulder and onto the ground. "And stop doing that!" I shouted in his face. Niall laughed and pulled me to my feet again, straightening me out before giving me the ball. I had no idea how to play soccer, and instead of kicking the ball I picked it up and sprinted away, the ball clutched to my chest.

"Oi!" Niall shouted, chasing after me. I made it to the other side and threw the ball into the goal before he caught up to me. "Hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but that's not how it works." Niall said, reaching out and tickling my neck. I slapped his hand away and checked my watch.


"You're just sore because I won! And it's ten til, maybe we should head out." I said. Niall grabbed the ball and we walked back to his car, desputing about who had won the whole way home. We pulled up at my house and Niall walked me to the front door.


"Ten fifty-eight. We have a minute to spare." He said, glancing at his watch. I giggled and sat on the porch swing.


"What do you want to do for a minute?" I asked. Niall smirked and stepped forward. He planted one hand on either side of me on the swing and bent down so his breath was hot on my face.


"I know exactly what we can do." He said, looking from my eyes to my lips and back again. This was the moment of truth, he was going to kiss me. Niall leaned in and I closed my eyes. And then suddenly Niall's lips pressed into my cheek and the weight was gone off the swing. I opened my eyes and saw Niall chuckling. I laughed, trying to brush it off as if I didn't want him to kiss me.


"You scared me for a minute there... I thought you were actually gona kiss me." I said. Niall laughed and shook his head.


"I don't kiss people." He said. I wrinkled my eyebrows at him.


"I meant I don't kiss my friends, especially not you." Niall corrected. Then he glanced at his watch.


"Ten fifty-nine." I said before he could. Niall nodded and pulled me up to my feet, then pressed my doorbell.


"Night, D-Dawg." Niall said. I giggled.


"Yeah, leave me to making the nicknames."

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